BEAUTY | Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Eyeshadow Palette Review (with swatches)

I present to you… The Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette!

The absolute mother of all palettes arrived on my doorstep last week and I was soo excited to open it! Jaclyn Hill is such a creative makeup artist, so we have complete confidence in her that any makeup item she puts her name to, will live up to super high expectations.

This palette is honestly so aesthetically pleasing to look at, with all the different shades and mattes/shimmers. It’s extremely photogenic and anyone who I have shown this palette to has gasped with me when I open it up!

I love the typical ‘Morphe feel’ of this palette (if that makes any sense at all) and it’s a pretty big one! It feels sturdy, yet lightweight and the eyeshadow pans are the perfect size – I can see this palette lasting me a very long time.

I’m so excited to try this palette on my next day/night out and see how the shades perform on my eyes – I can honestly see myself using every single shade, including the bright blue ones! You could definitely create so many different eyeshadow looks with this palette, there’s such a wide variety of shades that would suit all skin tones and even the fussiest of eyeshadow lovers out there. I am just in awe of the beautiful palette and I’m excited to start using it!

Within the palette there is a great variety of mattes and shimmers. The mattes are the most perfect shades, as you have light leading on to dark transition shades and it would be really easy to create both natural and dramatic eyeshadow looks. I also love that there is a black within this palette, for those of us who prefer to create a dramatic smokey eye not only using dark brown shades.

The shimmer shades kick butt and are completely out of this world! The pigmentation of them (and the mattes) are incredible and I was so excited when swatching them all. In total, there are 18 shimmer shades and 17 matte shades. Let’s see what they look like!

First Row Shades:

Enlight (shimmer) – a beautiful ‘light skin shade’ shimmer. Perfect for those with a darker skin tone who want a highlighted look, or for those of us who are more on the paler side and prefer an understated shimmer.

Beam (shimmer) – similar to Enlight, but with more of a white undertone. A great shimmer to highlight the inner corners and brow bone.

Silk Creme (matte) – a light warm toned brown. The perfect first transition shade to start off any eye look. Whether that be subtle, or more dramatic.

M.F.E.O (matte) – another warm toned brown, slightly darker than Silk Creme. I would personally use this straight after applying Silk Creme, to further define the crease.

Faint (shimmer) – a gorgeous pale pink shimmer. This would be great for a subtle, daytime appropriate shimmery eye look.

Sissy (shimmer) – a stunning medium/dark pink with gold shimmer. Again, a great all over lid shade for a pink eye look.

Little Lady (shimmer) – a more peach toned pink with gold shimmer. Another shade that would work well all over the lid.

Second Row Shades:

Creamscicle (matte) – a mustard matte that would be perfect as a transition shade, especially during the Autumn months to create a more Autumnal eye look.

Butter (matte) – a medium toned brown. Another perfect transition shade (you can never have too many!).

Pooter (matte) – another medium toned brown, although more of a deeper shade than Butter. I would use this to start building up the crease shades and turn them from subtle, to a more smokey look.

Pukey (matte) – an orange toned medium brown. Again, a great crease definer! Also, the shade name is great – only Jaclyn Hill would name one of her eyeshadows ‘pukey’!

Hunts (matte) – a slightly brown toned red. Another great Autumn transition shade!

Firework (shimmer) – more of a brick red with gold shimmer. This shade is stunning and look at that pigmentation!

Queen (shimmer) – I am completely living for this true gold shimmer. Again, the pigmentation is off the scale and I will use this shimmer a lot.

Third Row Shades:

Obsessed (shimmer) – a pale champagne pink shimmer. Another subtle lid shimmer shade.

S.B.N (shimmer) – light red toned brown with silver shimmer. A perfect all over lid shade for a brown smokey eye.

Hillster (shimmer) – a deep red toned brown shimmer. I would apply this to the outer third of my eyelid and sort of ombré it into a shade, such as S.B.N, when creating a smokey eye that I want to add a bit of shimmer to.

Roxanne (matte) – a medium red toned brown. Another crease/defining shade.

Jacz (matte) – a true brick red. I would lightly dust this shade through my crease, to give the eye look I’m creating a red undertone.

Buns (matte) – a medium brown with a slight red undertone. Another perfect shade for deepening a smokey eye.

Cranapple (shimmer) – a gorgeous red/pink with gold shimmer. Another perfect Autumnal lid shade.

Fourth Row Shades:

Royalty (shimmer) – a true deep purple with silver shimmer. This shade all over the lid would 100% make green eyes pop – I’m excited to use this and watch my eye colour become really bright, yay!

Twerk (shimmer) – a deep royal blue (although it looks purple in this swatch..) with slight silver shimmer. This one definitely looks a lot more shimmery in the pan than it does in the swatch, however it’s still a beautiful shade.

Hustle (shimmer) – a beige with silver shimmer. Another great all over subtle shimmer lid shade. This definitely has a more cool toned vibe, which I love as it will break up the warmness of any eye look.

Meeks (shimmer) – a light brown with gold shimmer. This will be another one that I use religiously, I just love shades like this. They match smokey eye’s perfectly and really make them pop.

24/7 (shimmer) – very similar to Meeks, just with a slightly warmer undertone to it.

Chip (matte) – an earthy red toned brown. How many different smokey eye looks could you create with this palette?! The possibilities are endless…

Mocha (matte) – a true warm medium brown. Yet another transition crease shade! As I said, you can never have too many and every palette needs them.

Fifth Row Shades:

Pool Party (shimmer) – a bright turquoise blue with silver shimmer. I am absolutely l i v i n g for this shade, are you joking!? It’s absolutely stunning. I’m not sure I could pull this shade off to be honest.. So I’m going to try just adding it as a pop of colour to the lower lash line first and see how I get on.

Jada (matte) – a slightly more green toned turquoise blue than Pool Party. Lovingly named after Jaclyn Hill’s niece, Jada. I would probably use this shade the same as I would with Pool Party, as they’re both very bright and daring!

Diva (shimmer) – a khaki green with silver shimmer. This shade is also stunning (as they all are) and would definitely help to create a dramatic smokey eye.

Enchanted (matte) – a deep khaki green. Shades like this I’m unsure how to use, as I never have before, so I’m looking forward to pushing myself out of my comfort zone and seeing what looks I can come up with using shades such as this one.

Central Park (matte) – a deep cool toned brown. One of my favourite matte shades, as I would use this as a transition shade to further define and start creating a smokey eye with.

Soda Pop (matte) – a deep cool toned purple. Love it! This would go perfectly in the crease, with other cool toned brown shades such as Central Park, with Royalty on the lid for a purple smokey eye. I will definitely be trying this look out for my next night out!

Abyss (matte) – a grey toned black. Every palette needs a black shade for creating the ultimate smokey eye (I’ve literally said ‘smokey eye’ about seven hundred times already..) and I really like this one as it’s not jet black, so isn’t daunting to look at or use.


For the swatches, I had to call in help from my super lovely cousin (thank you!!) – it was literally impossible for me to take the photos of the swatches on my arm – and there were soo many shades to swatch, it took us literally half an hour!

Also, I would like to point out that these eyeshadows have the ultimate staying power. We used normal Garnier Micellar Water with a cotton pad to remove the eyeshadow swatches with and you could still see evidence that there had been eyeshadow on her arm! Insane!

It’s definitely safe to say that I am really excited about this palette and I cannot wait to start using it (obviously now that I’ve taken photo’s and swatched it means that I can now actually use it… Typical blogger behaviour!).


Do you own the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow palette? What are your thoughts on it?xoxo

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  • This is the worlds most beautiful palette!

    Lucie | Forever September

    • I know! It’s absolutely stunning! Jaclyn Hill just gets it soo right, every time xo

  • Amber Gregory

    Your photos are amazing! This palette looks amazing.

    • Thank you so much Amber 🙂 It’s beautiful isn’t it xo

  • These pictures are beautiful. I really wanted this palette, I love the shades and I love Jaclyn, but I just couldn’t justify the international shipping fee on top of the customs charge etc! 🙁

    Jaynie Shannon | Beauty & Lifestyle


    • Thank you so much Jaynie! Yes, I got stung with the international shipping fee and also the customs charge.. Not fun, but definitely worth it 🙂 This palette is amazing xo

  • I am never usually bothered about YouTuber collaborations, but this one looks so good!

    Danielle xx

    • I know what you mean! I try not to get sucked in with all the hype, but I know if Jaclyn Hill produces something then it will 100% be incredible xo

  • Wow, what an amazing palette, so many pretty shades.

    Alice May Snell ♡

    • It’s beautiful isn’t it?! I’m actually obsessed xo

  • Kiri Yanchenko

    If you bought this palette you would be totally set – you wouldn’t need anything else.
    Only thing is that it is not very portable. Well it is. But a bit annoying to carry around.
    Set to Glow

    • I definitely agree, it has everything you will ever need! Yeah it’s quite bulky, so it’s definitely a dressing table palette, rather than a portable/travel one!xo

  • Omg this palette is totally gorgeous, all of these shades are really versatile! Beautiful photos and swatches my lovely xx

    Laura |

    • It’s stunning isn’t it?! I’m obsessed with all of the shades. Thank you so much Laura! 🙂 xo