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BEAUTY | New In: Morphe Brushes

What’s a girl to do when Beauty Bay drops in her email inbox and informs her of money off Morphe? Obviously I had to have a little window shop and that window shop sort of turned into a mini haul..

I’ve heard many people talk about and love the Morphe brushes (especially Jaclyn Hill), they’ve even been compared to the likes of MAC – who’s brushes are way more expensive. I had to try a few brushes out for myself and see what all the hype was about – I’m sure there will be a few review posts coming soon, once I’ve given them a chance and used them a few times.

Morphe E30 Elite II Blending Fluff Brush – £7.00 (£4.20)

I didn’t really need more blending brushes, but have you ever heard of anyone that has ‘too many’ blending brushes? I know I haven’t! It’s always good to have a fair few – it saves constantly washing them (I’m too lazy for that) and also means you have at least one clean blending brush on hand, should you need one. The E30 is a lot larger in person than what I thought it looked like on the website, this shouldn’t be a problem though as I will literally just use it for blending, rather than actually applying shadow with.

Morphe E13 Elite II Oval Shadow Fluff Brush – £8.00 (£4.80)

I feel like the E13 is a smaller version of the E30 and definitely one that I will use to apply the crease shade with. I like how fluffy both the E30 and E13 brushes are – they’re both going to be perfect for blending out any harsh lines/edges. They are soo incredibly soft as well, which is always perfect when working with a sensitive area such as your eyelids.

Morphe M460 Flat Contour Brush – £10.00 (£6.00)

I had been looking for a much cheaper dupe to the Nars Ita Brush (£43 just isn’t a budget we all have to spend on o n e brush!) and found this little gem by Morphe. I was toying between the M460, the G42 and the M579 – to be honest, they all look pretty much the same on the website, I would probably have preferred to see them in real life to make a better judgement! However, I’m excited to use this one and see how it applies my contour. I’ve never found a contour brush that I’ve fallen in love with, so I’m hoping this one impresses.

Morphe R44 Angle Liner Spoolie Brush – £4.50 (£2.70)

I’m struggling to find the perfect eyebrow brush to use with my NYX brow pomade. I have one that’s fairly stiff and another that’s a little too flimsy, so I’m hoping this one will sit right in the middle and will be the perfect match for filling in my eyebrows. Also, who doesn’t love a makeup brush with a gold handle?!


Do you own any makeup brushes by Morphe?xoxo

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  • Amber Gregory

    Morphe brushes look super high-end for their price point! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on them X

    • I agree! They feel expensive as well, they definitely don’t feel cheap. I can’t wait to see if I love them or not 🙂 xo

  • Soph Cullen

    love the look of these! especially the contour brush, trying desperately to save my money but I feel I might need these haha! xo

    Soph x |

    • The contour brush is what I originally wanted for a while! Yeah I was as well and then the money off email came through and that all went to pot… Oops!xo

  • I know hell of a lot of people don’t rate these brushes, but I have tried quite a few of them out now and every single one has been worth the money!

    Danielle xx

    • Oh really?! I didn’t know that, I thought everyone loved them! I’m glad you think they’re worth the money – hopefully I’ll love them as much as you do 🙂 xo