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BEAUTY | Bella Rock Apothecary Goodies

I recently received some goodies from the lovely Becki, who is the founder of Bella Rock Apothecary.. 

I met Becki when I photographed a wedding back at the end of April, she’s actually a friend of the photographer who I went along with, and we got chatting about her new business (Bella Rock Apothecary). She very kindly sent me a load of samples of the products, so I could share them with you guys! (SPOILER ALERT: I will definitely be repurchasing when I run out and I’ll also be trying most of the other products she sells).

Becki has just launched her new website with some really awesome bath and body products (there’s also a candle too for all you candle lovers). You can read all about how her company came about on the ‘our story’ page, but what really caught my attention with these products is that only natural and environmentally friendly ingredients have been used – they are also cruelty free, which is amazing.

On top of that, the jars and bottles used are made from PET plastic, which has a low energy and heat consumption when produced, that is fully recyclable. You can also read more about how Bella Rock is environmentally friendly here.

Let’s get on to the products I received..

Tropical Body Scrub* – £12.00

I usually tend to steer clear of body scrubs, just because I have fairly sensitive skin and they always make my legs turn red! However, I gave the Tropical Body Scrub a go and I was very impressed. It isn’t harsh on my delicate skin at all and I feel like it really nourishes my skin as well – once I got out of the shower and dried off, my skin felt super soft and moisturised and this was all thanks to the macadamia and organic coconut oil! I couldn’t stop feeling my legs, they were just soo soft! Just to quickly mention as well, the scent was so yummy – I don’t use products with orange, lemon, lime, pineapple or grapefruit in them, just because I’m intolerant (which yes is super annoying), however I didn’t react to the lime, mandarin or grapefruit ingredients in this scrub, so I’m 100% going to continue using it. I can’t wait for more versions of this scrub to be brought out!

Myrrh & Rose Hand Cream* – £10.00

One thing I cannot stand is sticky hand cream, I hate being aware that I have cream on my hands, so I’m always on the lookout for hands creams that almost feel see through and extremely lightweight. After trying out the body scrub and loving it, I had high hopes for the hand cream fast becoming a new fave. The scent is really pretty and definitely more ‘grown up’ (if you know what I mean). It’s not overpowering and isn’t sweet, it’s more subtly floral. I also absolutely l o v e the formula, it’s perfect. It melts into your skin and leaves them feeling baby soft and smooth, without them feeling sticky, so obviously this hand cream is a winner for me.

Rose & Coconut Bath Milk* – £18.00

Possibly my favourite product out of everything I received! This smells so luxurious and makes your skin feel super soft and nourished. The little dried rose petals are also a little luxury added extra. This bath milk comes in powder form, that dissolves in the warm bath water and moisturises your skin. I honestly can’t stress how soft and moisturised my skin felt when I got out of the bath and dried myself off – this is definitely thanks to the organic cocoa butter!

Air, Earth, Fire & Water Elements Bath Salts* – all £16.00

Again, these bath salts are yet another product that all smell a m a z i n g! I do actually feel like I’m at a spa in my own bathroom, it’s such a great feeling! These also dissolve when popped in your warm bath water and the scents instantly make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. I also love the fact that the full size version of these bath salts come in a lovely jar with a cute little bamboo spoon included!

I don’t usually have bath’s very often, so when I do it’s really lovely to use products, such as the bath salts and bath milk, that make my bath time feel like a real pamper session. I tend to stick on a good YouTube video too and just relax.

A massive thank you to Becki at Bella Rock Apothecary for sending me these goodies, I absolutely love them! I’m really impressed and urge you all to at least try one thing from this new and lovely brand. I’d love to know if you bought anything, so let me know!

Will you be trying anything from Bella Rock Apothecary?xoxo

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*These products were sent to me to review on my blog. All loving is completely honest (because lying isn’t cool). Becki is super lovely and I really wanted to help spread the word about her amazing new brand.