BEAUTY | Zoella Beauty, Jelly & Gelato

The new Zoella Beauty Jelly & Gelato range sounded good enough to eat, so of course I had to purchase a few bits..

I’m always late when jumping on the bandwagon with new releases/collections, and the new Jelly & Gelato range by Zoella was no exception! I always prefer to wait for the hype to go down, before purchasing anything as I know the bits I want will most probably be out of stock anyway!

Anyway, I decided to purchase a few little beauty bits and I have also been dying for one of these cute little gold signs since forever – so I had to purchase this one from Zoella’s new lifestyle range.

I did also buy the two cute little pots – the pink & white one and also the gold one – , but they’re currently housing my makeup brushes so I didn’t get a photo of them!

Zoella Gelato Shower Shake – £6.00

The packaging for this product is just an absolute winner really isn’t it!? I always love Zoella’s packaging and the shower shake is no exception – the added extra packaging for the top of the straw is soo cute and I am obsessed with the colour scheme of this range. Who knew that orange and pink would look that great together?!

The shower shake is described as a moisturising body wash, and that it is! I used this last night and at first it was a little weird to use a product that was more like a moisturiser, however my skin did smell and feel lovely so I love this! The Elderflower and Pomegranate scent is lovely – at first I felt like I smelt like some sort of cleaning product with a fragrance to it (which wasn’t the best I must say..), however I’m now getting used to the scent and it’s just so fresh and fruity – definitely a Summer vibe.

Zoella Gelato Shower Sauce – £5.00

Again, the packaging is soo cute and it definitely does look like strawberry sauce that you’d have over your ice cream! I love the gold metallic writing on the shower sauce and shower shake – the style and colour is right up my street. The shower sauce also has the same scent as the shower shake and I do love it. I believe that the shower sauce is supposed to lather up (like most normal shower gels), which I’m pleased about as that means a little bit of product tends to go a long way!

Zoella Gelato Bath Milk – £7.00

I honestly don’t know which packaging colour scheme I’m more obsessed with, but I absolutely love the purple, pink and off-white of the bath milk. The little bath milk powder packets inside are the cutest things ever and I also used these last night and can confirm that they’re awesome! My bath bubbled up really nicely and the water was a milky consistency that really moisturised my skin. My bath also smelt amazing. (You can see evidence of the bubbles over on my Instagram story).

Zoella Gelat’eau Body Mist – £8.00

I love using the Zoella body mist’s as my everyday perfume, as they’re very inexpensive and always smell so lovely. This is the item I used first, that I thought made me smell like a fragranced cleaning product.. I have since gotten over that and I do love the scent. The Elderflower and Pomegranate is lovely and fresh, so this is perfect to spritz in the morning before work. Also, the bottle definitely reminds me of ice cream (gelato) and I’m obsessed with the Summer-y packaging. It can be quite hard to not make white look cheap and tacky, however Zoella beauty have nailed it yet again.

Zoella Inspire Me Desk Accessory – £12.00

As I said above, I have wanted one of these for the longest time and I’m so happy that I now have one. It’s so cute and feels very luxe. It’s a great added extra to my bedside table and when I eventually own my own home, it will definitely sit proudly in my workspace. This also has a multi-use, as it will be used in flat lays (like the above one)!

Zoella Blooming Marvel Storage Gold Pot – £6.00 & Zoella Blooming Marvellous Storage Pot – £6.00

Let’s be real, these pots were just waay too cute not to add to my basket and it was about time that I had a makeup brush storage upgrade – my IKEA ones have served me well for over two years now. These look gorgeous sat on my dressing table and I’m really pleased with them! I would also use these to store a couple of houseplants in. The design of both of these pots are soo pretty and I love them.

Those are the bits I bought and I currently have my eye on the ring holder, the trinkets tray and the sweet dreams pillow. I need to wait until I have more space in my room before I buy any more! But could anyone honestly resist those three products?!


Have you bought anything from the new Zoella ranges?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter