SKINCARE | Vegan Body Wash

Today I thought I’d share two of my current favourite body washes..

Bit of a random post I know.. But I love to find and share products that are vegan and cruelty free. It’s becoming so much easier to find products that don’t test on animals, however there are still a lot of very well known brands who do. I do try my hardest not to buy products that aren’t cruelty free, however there’s no point throwing away any items you have already bought, as that’s just a waste.

It’s definitely a simple change to make, changing from a non-cruelty free shower gel to a cruelty free one, so I urge you guys to check both of these brands out!

Original Source Vanilla & Raspberry Shower Gel – £2.29 (currently £1.00 in Superdrug!)

Original Source shower gels can be a little on the more expensive side (for a shower gel anyway that is), so my family only tends to purchase them when they’re on offer. The scent range is pretty extensive and the fragrance of this vanilla and raspberry one is to die for – it literally smells good enough to eat! It’s also super moisturising and makes my skin feel so soft.

AquaV Kick Start! Coconut and Shea Shower Gel – £0.65p

I believe you can purchase this shower gel from Aldi, I can’t seem to find it on their website, but they do sell AquaV and also Lacura – both of which are cheap brands with a variety of lovely scents. This coconut and shea one is the one I’m currently using every day and it smells incredible, I love it! This offering is also very moisturising and 65p is just a massive bargain really isn’t it?!

What other cruelty free shower gels are your fave?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter