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Introducing: The Lovely Sweet Co.

What Is The Lovely Sweet Co.?… So, I have some exciting news to share – I now have my own business! Which seems absolutely crazy to me to say and actually write down. I’ve always dreamed of having my own business, but I never thought it would actually be possible. The journey so far has been a rollercoaster, but the highs for sure outweigh any lows. I also can’t believe that it’s been almost one whole year since The Lovely Sweet Co. was born (and I also  ...

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Oxford: A Photo Diary.

My first time visiting Oxford… Oxford has always been on my UK bucket list and I’m so pleased to have finally ticked it off. It’s a beautiful city with stunning architecture and is somewhere full of history. I’ll definitely be going back again as soon as I can. We stayed in a Premier Inn just outside of the city centre, but I would love to try a hotel actually in the city next time to really soak up the atmosphere and reduce travel time. On our first day we decided  ...

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At Home Date Night Outfit Ideas.

A few date night outfit ideas for lockdown! Sometimes it’s fun to get dressed up and have a little date night at home. I’ve seen lots of people having lovely dinners at home. One of my friends has been enjoying cocktail nights with her OH, which I just love! I’m not a huge drinker, I much prefer a good hot chocolate, but it’s good to get creative whilst we’re spending all of the time time at home. I put together a list of festive activities that you can do  ...

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All of the Netflix Shows I Watched in 2020.

All of the Netflix shows I watched and loved in 2020! Let’s get real, 2020 was definitely the year for the ultimate Netflix binge! We all watched a lot of Netflix in our massive amount of spare time. I know I did anyway! I have lots of shows and films to recommend and I’m absolutely positive that I’ve forgotten a load too. Unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t have a list of everything you’ve ever watched on there – that would be so helpful! So here are my  ...

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