Let’s Talk About: Fitness ♡

I really am not a lover of exercise, however I love the feeling I get afterwards. I find it really hard to try and motivate myself, especially when I have been at work all day and all I want to do is catch up on PLL or MIC (you can deny it, but you know it’s true and you’re obsessed too!) and pig out with some Boost Bites or a bag of Cool Original Doritos (yum!!).
As I am now not a teenager anymore, I realise that exercise is not only important for your health but it is also important for your well-being. I always feel much happier and content in myself once I have done an hour’s exercise and it really does make such a difference.

I am not your typical gym gal and I hate having to tell myself what to do whilst in the gym as I am not an expert, so I definitely prefer to attend an hour exercise class – such as Zumba, Dance Fitness, Boxercise, Aerobics, etc. – with a friend or two. I also enjoy myself much more if I attend a class with one of my friend’s as you can have fun at the same time as working out (you can also have a bit of a goss too).

I always thought that it would be a waste of money to pay for something that I feel like I should be getting paid for to go to! However, it can be quite surprising how good you feel when you’re spending money on looking AND feeling great. If you are on a budget and can’t afford to spend £5 on an exercise class every week then I totally understand. Another great idea would be to purchase an exercise DVD (I definitely recommend the Charlotte Crosby Belly Blitz DVD if you want to see results quickly and you also want to challenge yourself) and invite one or two of your friends round to join you.
I, personally, could never motivate myself to complete an exercise DVD all by myself, it would be way too tempting to sit on the sofa or grab some food! (However, if you can motivate yourself then good for you and please pass some of that over to me!?).

The last thing that I would just like to address is that it is really important to want to get fit for yourself and NOT for someone else, such as a boyfriend, a family member or a friend. You really won’t enjoy yourself whilst exercising if you’re not doing it for your own personal reasons. It’s nice to have some sort of motivation (like a really physically fit girl on the ‘Bali Body’ Instagram page..) but exercise can be abused if you’re trying to look like someone else or even better than them. We are all different and there is no ‘right’ or ‘perfect’ way to look and I think us girl’s can forget this when we become too consumed with looking a certain way.
So, if you are exercising then just remember that you are doing it for yourself and that it can be fun too! Don’t be too scared to try something new or different as you may surprise yourself.

What’s your favourite way to work-out?xoxo