15 Things I Love About Christmas ♡


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The time has finally come to share with you all my favourite things about Christmas. I have been planning this post since November October and I have no shame! As you can probably already tell by now, Christmas is my favourite time of the year and, believe it or not, I actually prefer it to my own birthday! I think this is because Christmas lasts a whole month where as my birthday only lasts for one day..

Here are some of the things I love about Christmas;

  1. Wrapping presents – I may not be very good at this but I still love it!
  2. Advent calendars – I’m such a child and I love chocolate!
  3. Buying presents for loved ones – there’s something really satisfying about buying presents for other people.
  4. Eating THE best roast with every single trimming possible, including cute little pigs in blankets – yum!
  5. Decorations – everything looks 1307345 times better with pretty lights, christmas trees, mistletoe, tinsel, etc.
  6. Christmas films – great to get you right into the spirit!
  7. Receiving/opening Christmas presents – let’s not all pretend here, we love opening our presents and it is the best thing about Christmas.
  8. Drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate – I mean, I do this all year round but even more so during the Christmas period!
  9. Spending time with your family – It’s always lovely to have a good ol’ catch up and gossip with your family during Christmas.
  10. Decorating cookies and cakes with a Christmas theme – amazing.
  11. Snow! If it even snows that is.. It doesn’t normally where I live but it would make Christmas even more magical if it did and I envy you if you do get snow every year.
  12. Christmas shopping – I love shopping on your normal average day so shopping around Christmas time is even more enjoyable!
  13. Eating everything in sight – who even cares about that ‘bikini body’ anymore? Pass me the celebrations please!
  14. Christmas markets – The chocolate crepes are my all time fave!
  15. Glitter – whether that be eyeshadow, clothing, phone cases, etc. it is totally acceptable to have everything more sparkly than usual!
If this list hasn’t just got you into the spirit, then I don’t know what will! Merry Christmas everyone 🙂
What is one of your favourite things about Christmas?xoxo

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