My M.A.C Lip Liners ♡


Yes, I know, I seriously need to up my Mac liner game as I only own four! I feel like this is definitely a crime!? I don’t wear lipstick all that much because I’m normally eating non-stop so it just comes off anyway or looks dreadful so I don’t feel the need to own many lip liners. However, that being said I really do need to grab some more from Mac as their range of shades is amazing.


Left to right – Chic Trick, Dervish, Hip ‘n’ Happy, Soar

Chic Trick
I do hold my hands up and admit that I thought this was going to be red in colour and I was in desperate need of a red lip liner to go with the red lipstick’s that I own (does anyone else find it extremely difficult to apply red lipstick without a guide line or liner to follow?!). Unfortunately, as you can see here, it swatched to more of a pink-red. It’s a lovely shade, just not what I was expecting.

This shade is pretty similar to Soar, but is slightly more brown toned. I picked up Dervish to go alongside two of my Mac lipsticks – Verve and Twig. Dervish also looks great by itself as an all over lip colour and, of course, lasts a long time on the lips.

Hip ‘n’ Happy
Such a cute baby pink lip liner! I bought Hip ‘n’ Happy at the same time that I purchased the lipstick ‘Pink Plaid’, these two are seriously a match made in heaven and look brilliant together. This will definitely be my go-to Summer lip combo this year!

I love this shade, it’s a gorgeous deep toned pink that does look quite dramatic on the lips (I would definitely suggest wearing this lip liner alongside a dramatic smokey eye) and I tend to wear this liner all over my lips as the colour is gorgeous by itself!

So that is my very short and sweet round up of the four Mac lip liners that I own. They kind of fit into the ‘pink’ lip liner category so I definitely need to branch out and purchase some nudes, browns and definitely a proper red! I love Mac lip liners because they feel so creamy and they really do look the part. They also last a pretty long time on the lips which is always a bonus, especially when they’re priced at £12.50 each.

What Mac lip liners do you own/recommend?xoxo

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