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Easter Baking ♡


Happy Easter everyone! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful day and eaten your body weight in chocolate eggs 🙂

My mum, sister and I made a couple of goodies for Easter today so I thought I’d share them with you and also show you the recipes in case you fancy giving them a go yourself! Enjoy!

Creme Egg Rocky Road (Recipe from ProperTasty’s Facebook page)

150g butter
250g dark chocolate
150g milk chocolate
4tbsp golden syrup
150g digestive biscuits
100g marshmallows
180g mini creme eggs
150g white chocolate
Step 1: Melt the butter, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and golden syrup in one bowl. To melt these ingredients, place them in a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water, then remove from the heat.
Step 2: Add in the digestives, marshmallows and mini creme eggs. Stir all of these ingredients together.
Step 3: Place this mixture into a dish that is lined with grease proof paper.
Step 4: Melt the white chocolate and drizzle over the rocky road mixture.
Step 5: Halve a pack of mini creme eggs and press them into the mixture before placing in the fridge to cool.
Step 6: Leave in the fridge for a couple of hours.
Step 7: Enjoy!!
For the filling
1 Morrisons ‘The Best Sweet’ pastry case
175g white chocolate, broken into pieces
250g tub mascarpone
150ml Elmlea Double Light cream
For serving
1tbsp icing sugar
75-100g redcurrants (about 6-8 stalks)
7 raspberries
1. Melt 150g of the white chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water. Remove from the heat.
2. Using a pastry brush, paint a very thin layer of chocolate over the inside of the pastry case. Set aside until firm.
3. Return the bowl and pan to the heat and add half of the mascarpone to the melted chocolate. Stir until smooth and then leave to cool slightly.
4. Whisk the remaining mascarpone and fold in the Elmlea cream, then pour into the pastry case.
5. Chill for 2-3 hours or until it has set.
6. Grate the remaining white chocolate over the top of the tart, dust with icing sugar and serve with either some redcurrants or raspberries for decoration.
7. Eat and enjoy!!
What Easter treats have you baked over this weekend?xoxo

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