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6 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self ♡


Little bit of a different post today that I thought I would try my hand at and see how it goes down/whether I’m good at it or not!?

Recently, I’ve been having various conversations with my boyfriend about how I wish I was at school/if I was like what I am now at school then I maybe wouldn’t have got picked on etc. So it got me thinking and I had a little light bulb moment (really don’t get those that often) and was like ‘ah, this would make a good blog post!’.

So, here I am sharing with you the things that I would tell my younger self/what I would have done differently given the opportunity – here goes!


At school, we always feel that we should create a lasting impression amongst our peers. Since growing up I’ve realised that shouldn’t have been the case because it’s more important to be who you are than to pretend to be someone that you’re not. Also, half the people you knew at school won’t even care who you are once you’ve left so it really doesn’t matter anyway. Only your true and really good friends will stay with you.


I know I was a shy little timid mouse at school and I always look back on that and wish I’d have had a little more fire in my personality to bite back at the people that upset me. Not all the time though because that’s when arguments arise and no one likes conflict! But every now and then I wish I’d have had the confidence and courage to speak up to those that were horrible to me because I’m pretty damn sure that if I had said something, they’d have backed off a lot sooner and left me to it.


It fucking hurts hard (sorry for swearing) when someone shatters your heart into about 1074937935 million pieces and you cry for days, you literally feel like you will never feel better again but trust me when I say that it does get better – I promise. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and yeah, you might not like that reason but it’s life and these horrible things happen sometimes. There’s honestly nothing that anyone can do or say to make you feel better in that situation but time really is the best healer and I hand-on-heart promise you that this feeling will subside. You’ll still have your off days but you’ll have fabulous days where you feel like Sharpay from High School Musical. This terrible feeling will go away and you just have to let it all out – don’t bottle it up.


I have never been a social butterfly and that is one thing that I do regret. I’m very lazy and I like to sit in my room by myself (lol you larry) sometimes but I wish I’d have made plans with my friends more as making memories with friends is amazing and something money can’t buy. I’ve always been quite shy as well so I never really spoke to people or made new friends very often, whereas now I’ll just keep chatting absolute rubbish to strangers of any age and I should have been more like that a few years back!


Yes, I know, I sound like a flippin’ Grandma buuut I look back now and see how happy I was at school (sixth form) with my friends and the whole time I was there I was wishing that I was working and not at school. 


This sort of applies to my now really as well as when I was at school. 
I never wore the stuff that I wanted to wear or listen to the music that I genuinely loved in fear of being judged for those decisions by my peers. But honestly, who cares? I listen to whatever I want to now and if someone doesn’t like it? Well, why should I care – that’s their problem and not mine. I also wear a lot more clothing items that I wouldn’t have even thought about wearing when I was younger because the chances are that person walking past you in the street is looking at your outfit thinking ‘damnnnn, she the bomb dot com!’ (but seriously though, the chances of someone judging you are very slim and as long as they’re not saying it out loud to you then it really doesn’t matter anyway).
I’m struggling at the moment with being judged about blogging which is why literally no one I know knows about my blog – just a select few friends and my family (who don’t even read it anyway!). I’m trying to tell myself that this is stupid and no one will physically tell me that my blog is crap (at least I hope not anyway) so just go for it! But it’s hard and I totally get it. So, my advice? DO IT! Whatever ‘it’ may be 🙂

What’s one thing you’d tell your younger self?xoxo

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