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A Day in my Life | MY BIRTHDAY! ♡

I was 21 yesterday! Ahh! How scary is that!? I always dreamed about being 21 and now I am and I don’t feel any different haha!!
So, first thing in the morning I woke up and opened my cards and presents from my family, whilst eating breakfast in my pj’s. I obviously love everything I have received so far and I’m extremely lucky and grateful.
Then it was time to go to work.. I was only in for half a day so it really wasn’t that bad and it’s quite nice to go into work for a little bit on your birthday to see everyone.
Above is a selfie of me sat at my desk to show you I was at work..
(Can you see my 21 badge? I L O V E D wearing that all day ;))
I was so shocked, surprised and happy to receive this massive cake in work – it was so amazing. It also tasted amazing as well and I just love the ‘princess’ crown and fairy wand haha! 
I also received a signed card from everyone in work and I loved reading everyone’s little personalised messages.
I left work at 12:30pm and travelled down to the garden centre for lunch! I met my mum, nan and auntie which was so so lovely and I stuffed my face with a sweet chilli chicken wrap and sweet potato fries – yummy.
Unfortunately, I was so hungry that I forgot to take a photo of my actual food. So you have the aftermath of my finished plate!
After our lovely lunch at the garden centre, my mum and I headed off to Aldi to buy some a lot of alcohol for my birthday cocktail party on Saturday! We’re planning on making cocktails to hand out to my friends and family as they arrive to the party on Saturday – I’m so excited!!
(I think that my sister was trying to hint something with this birthday bag?)
Around 4pm, my sister and boyfriend both came home from work and I opened their presents.
My sister bought me some black joni jeans (I was in desperate need of some new ones!), a gorgeous striped denim skirt (see image below of me wearing it*), some percy pigs and a chocolate ‘happy 21st birthday’ heart from Thorntons – she’s a generous one that one!
My boyfriend bought me a rose gold skull bracelet from Links of Londonthis gorgeous lace dress and the Michael Kors baby blue purse pictured below – which I am obsessed with because it’s baby blue!
It was then time to get ourselves ready to go out for birthday dinner with the family. I decided to wear my new skirt (courtesy of my sister*) with a really pretty blouse from Mango and a long sleeveless baby pink jacket from Topshop. I paired my outfit with my brown sandals from Office – yes, I was definitely feeling Summery.
We visited Zerodegrees for dinner and I had the ‘Gnocchi Al Bufalo’ (in case any of you were wondering..) which was super tasty. I accompanied my dish with a passion bellini because why not?! I am 21 of course.. 

So that was a day in my life for my birthday! I really enjoyed putting this post together and I do apologise for the poor quality of the photo’s (I’m not going to admit that I forgot to take nice photo’s all day, even though I set a reminder on my phone as well) but I hope you enjoyed this and I would love to hear your feedback!

What did you guys get up to yesterday?xoxo

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