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Prom Outfit Ideas #1 | Short/Midi Dresses & Shoes ♡

Ah, prom! I still remember that day pretty clearly (even though it was like 5 years ago for me now!?) and I really wasn’t fussed about what to wear, I wore a plain black short dress – very boring. However, if there had been dresses around at that time like there are now then I definitely would have worn any of these that I have picked out as they’re all gorgeous!

One thing I will say if you’re struggling to find a dress – ASOS really will be your best friend. They do beautiful dresses for some great prices. There are also expensive ones (obviously) but you can still find a cheaper one that looks just as nice, if not better.

As it’s prom/graduation season, I thought I’d put together a two part dress list – in this post I will be covering short/mini and also midi dresses (the next post will be all about the maxi dresses). There are also a few different shoe options. Here are a few of my picks;

15. Chi Chi London Petite Mini Prom Dress with Full Skirt and Bardot Neck – £65
16. ASOS Salon Drape Back Beaded Floral Midi Dress – £150
17. New Look Embellished Barely There Shoes – £29.99
18. ASOS Glamorous Silver Patent Two Part Heeled Sandals – £24.99
19. ASOS Haphazard Heeled Sandals – £25


Which dress is your favourite?xoxo

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