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11 Reasons I Love Playing Pokemon Go

Yes, I have jumped on the bandwagon and yes, I am one of those sad people that wanders around glued to their phone trying to ‘catch them all’.

Read this tweet – 

Am I the only one who has no idea what this whole Pokemon thing going on at the moment is?!
12:11 AM – 13 Jul 2016

I was a little bit judgey (ok, a l o t) and vowed I would never play it.. Now, a month on, I’m completely addicted and I’m on level 14..
So, here are some of the reasons why I am obsessed.
  1. I am the biggest collector of things you’ll ever meet, so the fact I can collect cute little Pokemon characters is a m a z i n g.
  2. It gets you out and about so secretly you’re exercising but it doesn’t really feel like you are, and isn’t that just the best form of exercise?
  3. You normally go out ‘catching’ with your boyfriend/girlfriend or friends and that = being social (unless you go out playing on your own and then you really a r e addicted my friend..).
  4. Playing Pokemon makes you feel like you’ve actually d o n e something that particular day, rather than sitting in your room being bored waiting for the next day to arrive.
  5. Going past Pokestops and collecting Pokeballs feeds your Pokemon addiction and woah, I have 50 POKEBALLS?!
  6. You can eat chocolate whilst you’re walking and then look, calorie intake + calories you’re burning = no calories consumed #win.
  7. I actually feel g o o d at something when OMG I’VE CAUGHT A GROWLITHE and OMG LOOK AWW A CUTE JIGGLYPUFF!
  8. Walking 2km, 5km or 10km and hatching an egg so you get that ‘ohmygoodness what is it going to be?! This is too exciting – like opening a Christmas cracker and wondering what awesome (shit) gift you’ll get this time?!’ feeling.
  9. I l o o o v e how much the app drains my battery (lol jk, it sucks – I lost 20% battery in how many seconds?!)
  10. You know you’ve accomplished life when you catch Pikachu, even if it is only CP 14..
  11. You’re just as cool as all of the 13 year old’s playing it, so just remember that – you’re a kid at heart really.
Do you play Pokemon Go?xoxo

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