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TRAVEL | 48 Hours in Edinburgh

For my birthday this year, my boyfriend and I decided to visit Scotland for the first time…

(Admittedly, this post is about two months late and please do excuse some of the low quality good ol’ fashioned iPhone pics.)

I turned 22 this year and my boyfriend and I had talked about visiting Edinburgh a couple of times, so we hopped online, found a decent hotel not too far from the ‘city centre’ and used our EasyJet vouchers to book the flights – we overpaid our flights last year to Menorca, then the cost of them went down so we rang up and they gave us a credit/voucher code! #winwin

We arrived in Edinburgh Tuesday evening and checked into our hotel straight away. The view from our room was stunning – I was obsessed with the hills/mountains! We grabbed some dinner at the restaurant in the hotel which was really lovely – I had a chicken salad with mash (some people find mash and salad weird, but I really like it??) and Kieran had a prawn curry. The food was really yummy and the mash I had was flavoured with garlic, so I was literally in heaven – best mash I’ve ever had, hands down! I can’t stop thinking about it…

The following day we nearly missed breakfast, which was quite funny – luckily we just made it in time and I was very happy to have a chocolate croissant (or two!). Once we’d got ourselves ready we headed out to explore the city. We’d heard good things about The Edinburgh Dungeons, so this was our first stop. We were in there a couple of hours and it was actually pretty good, although I did get called up for a (fake) ‘crime’ and I had to stand in front of everyone and talk – anyone who knows me knows how much I H A T E being the center of attention, so this was a massive deal for me!!

After the dungeons, we had a little wander around and obviously ended up stopping via a little crepe shop *insert heart eye emoji*. I just couldn’t say no! Especially not to golden syrup and strawberries! After I’d had a refuel, we did a tiny bit of shopping because I have no self control and can’t resist – much to Kieran’s dismay.


We then headed to Edinburgh castle and the views on the way up were breathtaking. I love that behind the city you can see the sea and the mountains, it’s beautiful. We also weren’t unlucky with the weather, yes it was cold (but that’s to be expected in Scotland..) but it didn’t rain, whilst we were outside anyway, and it wasn’t even that windy either. Our second day was much better weather wise, as the sun made an appearance!

(By the way, we walked all the way up here from down where the road is behind me that you can see in the distance.. Yes, it was steep!)

We eventually made it to the top where the castle is situated and the views were even more amazing. We actually decided not to visit the castle on our first trip, which I know most people will be wondering why, but we are planning to go back and will visit next time. If anyone has been inside Edinburgh Castle before, then please do let me know if it’s worth the visit!

Obviously a selfie is a must! (Also, a not so funny story about these sunglasses.. First thing, I absolutely love them – they’re baby pink and mirrored and were only £25. B U T, I lost them and I’m really gutted about it. I even went all the way back through the airport to try and find them, but they were gone and the company doesn’t sell them anymore – g u t t e d. So I definitely need to find some that are similar to these.)

Edinburgh Old Town/Royal Mile is where we explored next and we just had a little mooch around. We spotted a man playing the bagpipes, so we stopped and had a listen – there were lots of people having selfies with him, but we decided not to! It was later on in the day now and nearly time for dinner, so we scouted out a few places that we fancied eating in and then headed back to the hotel for a much needed outfit change.

We ended up finding a really lovely restaurant – Contini Cannonball – that promotes fine dining, with a much more comfortable and relaxed feel. By this I mean that it doesn’t make you feel out of place, like most fine dining restaurants can – you can go casual or dressy and you don’t feel like you’re being judged for what you’re wearing, how you look or how young you look. I know this is a very generalised opinion, but it does happen.

The food was really lovely, although I wasn’t a massive fan of my option, I would still definitely recommend booking a table here if you ever visit Edinburgh. I was also so pleased with the portion size, I hate how little I eat in one sitting, so having a portion size that I could actually finish was amazing – please can all restaurants scale down their portion sizes?! I had Wild Garlic Gnocchi with a Tomato Broth and Kieran had a Salmon starter and Pork three ways for his main. It all came out looking very posh, so obviously I had to do the cliché blogger/photographer thing and take photo’s (for my blog, duh) and I had to document the fact that I ate something other than Pizza or Lasagne! Kieran really really enjoyed his and he’s definitely the foodie out of the two of us.


The next day, which was also our last, we managed to stumble upon a place called Calton Hill. The sun was shining and the views, again, were incredible. There seemed to be a fair few locals around and it was just a really relaxed atmosphere. We spent a bit of time up here just admiring the views and taking it all in. The weather was too nice not to sit outside and have lunch, so we got ourselves a KFC (classic) and had a picnic in a small park and lay out on the grass for a few hours. We also treated ourselves to ice cream – I had Nutella and Mint Choc Chip.

After all of this, it was eventually time to go home and wake up the next day for my birthday! We had the most amazing time in Edinburgh and we’re planning on going back to Scotland again, for sure. I would say that if you’re thinking about going to Edinburgh then definitely do. I would also recommend the hotel that we stayed in, it’s part of a chain and was called the Village Hotel. The bed was honestly the comfiest bed we’ve ever stayed in and the room was fairly spacious. The hotel also has a spa, which we annoyingly didn’t use as we forgot to pack swimwear! They also have a Starbucks in the foyer which was pretty handy.


Have you ever been to Edinburgh? Did you like it?xoxo

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