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LIFESTYLE | The Fish Hotel


Even though I’ve shared a few snippets about The Fish Hotel on my Instagram, I thought it was about time it had a dedicated post…

Back at the beginning of July, my boyfriend and I stayed in The Fish Hotel for one night over his birthday – it was my little surprise and I couldn’t wait to see his face.

We had a little bit of a struggle trying to get there, what with me trying to navigate Kieran where to go without actually telling him where we were going, (it was a little bit of a kerfuffle) but we got there in the end and it’s safe to say that it was definitely worth it!

I randomly found The Fish Hotel when searching for hotels to stay in in the Cotswolds – I hadn’t heard of it before but it looked right up my street so I went ahead and booked it! The only thing I will say, is that they had a problem with my payment even though I paid online.. Which is a little dodgy and did give them a black mark against their name in the beginning, however they quickly turned that around with how amazing the hotel was and the service provided was top notch.

We stayed in one of the new Hilly Huts and I honestly could live in one of them (if they were a tiny bit bigger obvs). The decor was right up my street and there were really lovely finishing touches (such as the radio having been turned on for our arrival and a birthday card and chocolates for Kieran). The Hilly Huts also have a little jacuzzi round the side, which was amazing.

The evening we arrived, we ate in the hotel’s restaurant and the food was so so soo good. I would definitely recommend booking in advance, as it does get quite busy as it’s quite a small restaurant and the food is definitely worth it. There’s also a quaint little bar/lounge area, so this would be a lovely place to come with a few friends for a quiet drink (or five).

Long story short, we both had an amazing time and would 100% go back again. We’d love to go a longer period of time next time around, as one night and half a day just wasn’t long enough to take it all in! If you’re currently looking to stay somewhere quiet, out of the way and simple in the Cotswolds, then I would definitely recommend The Fish Hotel – also, how could you not stay in one of the cutest little Hilly Huts?!

Have you ever stayed at The Fish Hotel before?xoxo

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