Today’s gift guide is for any help you may need with buying for the men (or boys!) in your life…

Buying for boyfriend’s, dad’s, brother’s, uncles, etc. can be quite difficult – in my opinion – and sometimes we all need a little helping hand with it! That’s where I’ll hopefully come in and share some of my gift ideas with you all reading this.

Luckily, boys/men don’t tend to be as ‘fussy’ as us women and they’re usually pretty grateful for anything they receive.

Lifestyle & Technology

If your boyfriend doesn’t love Games of Thrones, then is he really your boyfriend – amiright? – so gifting any of the books or DVD’s would go down seriously well. Alternatively, if they’re not into the whole GoT thing (don’t worry, I totally get it..) then opt for their favourite TV series or film/book instead.

Again, a lot of boys play a game console of some sort (PS4, Xbox, etc.) so purchasing a game or two for them would make for a great gift – it also keeps them distracted for a while whilst you watch a TV show they dislike – picking them up over this weekend will save you a few pennies as well!

Beauty & Fashion

A fail safe gift is definitely some sort of cologne. Around Christmas there are always fab gift sets that are usually on offer as well, especially in places such as Boots.

Nivea tend to sell great toiletry sets that are perfect for gifting at Christmas, that usually contain a face moisturiser, shower gel, anti-persperant, etc.

Luxury boxers are perfect and my personal faves are ones from Calvin Klein. Jack Jones also sell really great ones as well, as do Ralph Lauren.

I also love buying clothes, so any excuse to buy them I’m all for it. Admittedly, I do then usually end up buying clothes for myself as well but there’s no problem with that right?! Abercrombie & Fitch tee’s are lovely and very soft and they have a variety of colour’s to suit all personalities and range of styles. The Ralph Lauren hoodies are a good buy as well and they keep you very warm.

Other mens gift ideas:

  • Beard trimmer
  • Grooming kit
  • Gym clothing/nutrition goodies
  • Shoe polish kit
  • Bicycle related goods – clothing, helmet, pedals, etc.
  • Alcohol
  • Food

Hopefully some of these ideas have prompted you if you have been a little bit stuck with what to buy the man in your life!

What are you planning on gifting to your other half/brother/dad/etc. this year?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter ♡

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