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My second gift guide of the month! Hopefully we’re not all repeating each other and you’re all still enjoying them!

For the music lover

There aren’t many of us who don’t enjoy listening to music – it always puts you in a good mood and none of us can deny having a cheeky little sing song in the car.. I’ve got my beady little eyes on a pair of wireless Beats headphones at the moment and I know I would be ecstatic to receive them for Christmas.

If you’re feeling rather generous/have a larger budget than most of us, gifting something like an iPod or headphones would be very well received. I bought the mini Bose speaker for Kieran last year on the Black Friday sale, so managed to save myself some money – so keep an eye out for those savings this week!

For the Tech lover

We all know someone who’s obsessed with all things high tech and that includes cameras! Soo many people were lusting after the Instax mini’s when they first came out and I definitely was one of those. I love mine and they offer a few different colours as well, which is always an added bonus.

If you know someone who’s really into photography (like me!) then buying them a camera lens like this onethe one I’m currently after – would be a super awesome present. You don’t always need to buy camera lens’ brand new either, I bought my 18-200mm lens second hand from The London Camera Exchange and saved myself £200bargain!

Something like a polaroid or portable printer would be great for those who really enjoy printing photos and either popping them in frames around the house, making wall art with them or scrapbooking. The HP Sprocket is a good one (and I know Kate loves this one) and it comes in a super pretty white and rose gold colour.

Other tech & entertainment gift ideas:

  • Printer friendly paper (sprocket, instax, etc.)
  • Beats Pill/Speaker
  • Vintage Radio/Telephone
  • Record Player
  • DVD Player
  • Camera Bag
  • Digital Camera
  • SD Cards (you can never have too many, am I right?!)
  • Games Console (PS4, Xbox, Nintendo, etc.)

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