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BEAUTY | Black Friday Glossier Picks

I finally picked up some goodies from Glossier! I grabbed a few bits during the Black Friday sales, which was definitely a good decision.

I managed to bag 20% off my whole order which was amazing, so thanks for that Black Friday! If you wanted to purchase some bits but wanted a little discount, then feel free to use my 10% off link –

I’ve seen and read soo many blog reviews, so I had a pretty extensive list of what I wanted to try out and I had been thinking about trying all of these bits for a while – so I wouldn’t say any of these were impulse buys.

Glossier Phase 1 Set, Coconut – £35

I opted for the Glossier Phase 1 Set because I knew I wanted both the Milky Jelly Cleanser and the Priming Moisturiser and I was also persuaded by the Balm Dot Com, even though I’ve heard mixed reviews I wanted to try it for myself.

Coconut was the flavour/scent that I went for, even though I know the most popular is Birthday.

I was toying between the Coconut and Mint and I adore Coconut scented products so I knew this one would be the one for me.

This is quite a thick salve which I really love, as my lips do need a little extra TLC especially during Winter as they tend to get really dry. The coconut scent is quite subtle, but still really lovely and I find this to be a great lip balm that lingers on the lips until morning – which is when you know a lip balm is moisturising and hydrating. I am obsessed with this!

I’ve only heard good things about the Milky Jelly Cleanser from Lily, Jodie and Lucy! I love that it’s a gel consistency rather than a cream and the bottle is super cute. This made my face feel soo silky smooth and it did a fab job at removing all of my face makeup. It prepped my skin ready for my moisturiser and I love it already – this could replace my gel micellar cleanser, watch this space!

The Priming Moisturiser is amazing and I honestly didn’t think that I would love this product as much as I do. As I’ve said previously, I’m not really one for primer’s and I tend to stick to the same one/am reluctant to spend money on them, however I’m really pleased that I purchased this one. It’s super hydrating and moisturising and creates a smooth and flawless base for my foundation to sit on top of. It sinks into the skin quickly as well and I’m all about that life!

Glossier Cloud Paint, Dusk – £15

I have never tried a cream blush before, nor have I been interested in trying one.
However, I was definitely enabled by Lily (again) because she only has amazing things to say about the Glossier Cloud Paints. I went for the shade Dusk because it looked the most natural to ease me into my first ever cream blush. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by this, although I was a little unsure when applying it, I’m sure I’ll get used to that and find a technique that works for me – if any of you have this, I would love to know how you apply it!

Glossier Boy Brow, Brown – £14

I don’t know one blogger that hasn’t bought the Glossier Boy Brow and doesn’t love it. This was one of the products that was at the very top of my Glossier wish list.

I purchased the brown shade rather than clear, just because I can then use it on it’s own or over the top of my usual brow pomade routine. This keeps my brows in place super well and doesn’t feel like I’ve got anything on (you know the rock hard/stiff feeling you sometimes get? Yeah this doesn’t have that which is fab, but still has the ultimate staying power).

Glossier Generation G, Jam – £14

Not many people have bought the Generation G lipstick (that I know of anyway), but I can never say no to a new lipstick so of course I had to pop one in my basket! I decided to go for Jam because a) the name is really cute and b) I love a good purple/berry lip for this time of the year. I have to say that I was a little underwhelmed by this product, I knew it wouldn’t be overly pigmented but it applied a little patchy and I found it a lot easier to apply on my bottom lip than my top lip. However, it feels super moisturising and I enjoy the sheer pigment it leaves on my lips. I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone with dry lips, as it can settle into the dry patches. I will continue to use this and hopefully it will become a favourite, as long as I can get used to it.

What is your fave Glossier product?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter ♡

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