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BEAUTY | Estée Lauder Double Wear Review

I never thought I’d fall totally in love with a foundation, but it’s happened guys! Keep reading to find out why…

I always heard rave reviews about the EL Double Wear, but I never took the plunge – you guys know me, I love makeup but I’m seriously lazy when it comes to buying it.

I was also under the impression that this foundation was meant mainly for those with problem skin – think spots and acne – as all I ever heard about it was that it was a seriously heavy and full coverage foundation. However, this definitely is not the case. I’m quite lucky with my skin, in that there isn’t usually much I want/need to cover up – just the occasional spot and redness around my nose area.

You can build this foundation up to be full coverage, but I would say it’s more of a medium coverage with the first layer – which I love. It covers what needs to be covered, but it doesn’t make you look like cake face at all, as I was also under the impression that it did this too!

I have honestly never come across a foundation that makes my skin look as flawless as this one. I feel like I’ve been airbrushed and it looks even better once it’s settled and it gets better throughout the day as well. I also struggle with foundation settling into my smile lines and it’s honestly such a pet peeve of mine, but I can confirm that the Estée Lauder DW does not do this – and if it does it’s very minimal and hardly noticeable – which I’m ecstatic about!

The colour match is perfect, it’s not too drying or too dewy and it feels super lightweight on the skin, so it’s pretty much perfection and if you don’t already have it then you need to go and buy it! I’m annoyed at myself for not purchasing this sooner, but I can see that this won’t be getting replaced any time soon.

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