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BEAUTY | My Favourite Red Lipsticks

I mean, could I get any more basic right?! Red lips and December/Christmas – is there a more iconic duo? I thought I’d share a few of my faves today..

I don’t often sport a bright lip, but I do love a good red shade during December. I’m all for my nudes, but today is all about the red’s.

Surprisingly, there’s only one liquid lipstick in this line up even though they’re my fave formula because they last ages. However, I have been getting back into normal lipsticks recently and really loving them.

Kate Moss for Rimmel Matte Lipstick, 111 – £5.49

I feel like the Kate Moss Rimmel lipsticks are very popular amongst everyone, not just us bloggers. I haven’t pulled mine out in a while, but I’m excited to start wearing them again this December. 111 is a gorgeous true bright red shade – a traditional ‘Christmas red’ if you will. I do find the matte formula quite drying with these lipsticks, but it’s nothing a little bit of lip balm can’t sort out!

Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick, Fire Engine – £14.00

I have a lot of lipsticks from Gerard Cosmetics and I hardly ever reach for them – partly because I hardly ever wear makeup and when I do, I’m usually quite lazy and tend to skip the lipstick step. I was introduced to Fire Engine by Carli Bybel and thought it was a really beautiful red lipstick with a slightly pinky undertone to it. It looks super bright in the bullet, but isn’t as bright and daunting on the lips.

Kate Moss for Rimmel Matte Lipstick, 107 – £5.49

Let’s be honest here, half of us bought this lipstick because of Zoella right?! I mean I had mine before I heard her talking about it, but she definitely boosted the sales on this one! It’s a beautiful deep red with a slight purple undertone to it and I love it. I love the way it looks on my lips and I seriously need to grab myself a new one, as mine is looking a little worse for wear and is getting hard to apply.

Swatches Left to Right: Rimmel Kate Moss 111, Gerard Cosmetics Fire Engine, Rimmel Kate Moss 107, Maybelline 916 Neon Red & Rimmel Burning Lava

Maybelline 916 Neon Red

Oh look another beauty product I own that has dropped off the face of the earth.. I’m really sorry that I always talk about things that are ‘soo last year’, but I don’t particularly have the funds to constantly be buying the latest beauty products. I really do hate to be annoying and talk about items you can no longer get, but I do love this orange toned red by Maybelline. This is probably as orange as I would go, as I don’t think the more coral shades suit me or my complexion, and the formula of this one is lovely. It’s very hydrating and moisturising and feels very comfortable on the lips.

Rimmel Apocalips Matte Lip Velvet, Burning Lava

I believe this to also be a discontinued line of lipsticks, but I still love them and I’m sure a lot of us have at least one of these in our collection!? I have spoken about this lipstick already in my fave Autumn lip picks, so I won’t go into too much detail. In short; I love the applicator, the pigmentation and the formula – so basically everything.. – This offering is creamy to apply to the lips and doesn’t drag or bleed. It’s perfect!

What is your favourite red lipstick to wear during December?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter ♡

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