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BEAUTY | My Favourite Winter Products

There are a few products that I tend to only use when the Winter months roll around and here are some of them…

I’m not really one for rotating products – a) I’m too lazy and b) I tend to use products whenever, rather than at a specific time of the year – however there are some products that I try and save for October, November and December.

Zoella Beauty Hungry Hands Hand Cream – £5.50

I do love Zoella’s hand creams! I’m very fussy with hand cream’s and I find it hard to find ones that I enjoy using, that aren’t sticky and take too long to sink into my mits. This offering has a great formula that’s moisturising but doesn’t linger for too long and it doesn’t feel sticky at all. The scent of this one is wonderful as well – I really do love the smell of gingerbread.

Zoella Gingerbread & Bake My Day Fragrance Gift Set – £22

I did actually receive this mist last year in this gift set and again, I absolutely adore the gingerbread scent! It is like marmite – you’ll either love it or hate it – but I clearly love it! As it’s not a perfume, it won’t last all that long (especially not all day). That being said, it is quite strong and will last a good hour or two but just keep spritzing this and you’ll continue to smell like a walking and talking gingerbread (wo)man!

Rimmel New Moisture Renew Lipstick, Dark Night Water-Loops – £6.49

I’ve had this lipstick in my collection for over three years now and I l o v e this colour a lot. I am definitely more of a nude lip gal, but this purple offering from Rimmel is stunning. It’s very moisturising on the lips – as the name suggests – and is super comfortable to wear. If you’re looking for a highly pigmented yet comfortable purple lipstick then I really recommend this range. I like the look of the shade Notting Hill Nude as my next selection from this range.

Glitter/Sparly Red Nail Polish – £3-20 (I couldn’t find this one from American Apparel, so have linked a beautiful one from YSL)

I bought this AA glitter polish years ago and obviously now we can’t get their products in the UK anymore. I also really struggled to find a red glitter/sparkly nail polish for some reason as well!? I thought it would be a super popular colour, but apparently not. The YSL option I have linked above looks truly stunning and I love to add a pop of red glitter to my nails, mainly during December because it adds that Christmas feel to your nail look.

What is one of your favourite Winter products?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter ♡

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