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CHATTY | 11 Things I Love About Christmas

M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S everyone!! There’s a lot of things I love about Christmas, here are a few of them…

  1. Family. An obvious one I know, but I love being surrounded by my family at Christmas time.
  2. Christmas Jumpers. Any excuse to whack them out and buy some more I am all for!
  3. Food. You can eat it all without feeling guilty. I love the tubs of chocolate as well and they always get quickly demolished in my house.
  4. Music. I’m obsessed with Christmas songs and if I could listen to them all year round then I deffo would!
  5. Christmas Films. Again, I would watch these all year round if it was acceptable. I love a good Christmas film and I previously did a post sharing my faves.
  6. Presents. Not necessarily receiving them – although none of us can deny that’s fab – but giving them. I love seeing my loved one’s face’s when they open something I’ve gifted to them.
  7. Christmas Markets. I love wandering around Christmas markets, grabbing a hot chocolate to warm me up and just generally taking in all of the festivities.
  8. Christmas Decorations. Is there anything prettier than Christmas decorations? I think not!
  9. Advent Calendars. Whether you go big with a beauty one or stay traditional with a simple chocolate one, I love counting down the days along with eating chocolate daily!
  10. Christmas Eve. We have a family tradition at Christmas and it’s nothing fancy, but we meet up with our family friends and watch a Christmas movie with a takeout. Although this year we switched things up a bit and went to the Bristol Christmas Market and popped out for lunch – we still watched our film and had dinner together and it was lovely.
  11. Wrapping Presents. I know a lot of people find this task a little tedious and don’t actually enjoy it, but I really do! I love watching the pile grow and I get soo excited to distribute them out – hopefully I’ve done good this year!

What do you love about Christmas?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter ♡

*Beautiful photos courtesy of the lovely and super talented Sam!