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CHATTY | A Christmas To-Do List

My first post of Blogmas eeek! I’m really excited and hopefully everything turns out well and goes to plan (fingers crossed). Here’s what’s on my Christmas/December To-Do List…

  1. Visit Bath Christmas Markets. I didn’t get round to doing this last year and I was gutted because I heard they were amazing and everyone that went loved it. I’m hoping to pop to them when my cousin comes up for the weekend and fingers crossed we’ll be there as you’re reading this post!
  2. Ensure all my Christmas shopping is completed. I’ve been really good this November and I have managed to purchase the majority of my Christmas presents, which is an awesome feeling. Last year I wasn’t quite so organised and ended up being rather poor throughout December, which is never fun, so I decided this year I would not make that mistake again.
  3. Watch as many Christmas films as possible! This is an acceptable thing to put on a to-do list right?! I think I watched maybe one or two Christmas films last year – I know! – so I would love to watch as many as possible this year. I bought 5 Christmas DVD’s back in August/September and I really want to watch all of them (and more!).
  4. Complete Blogmas seamlessly. I’m soo excited to be doing Blogmas this year and I really hope you all love the posts I create – here’s to hoping I can get through 25 blog posts with no issues!
  5. Bake Christmas goodies. I have a blog post planned with a Christmas recipe that I’m super excited to share. I’m not usually that great at baking, so I really want to get better. I thought I could take a traditional recipe and add a Christmas twist, so look out for that one! I also fancy trying to bake gingerbread men because they’re extremely yummy.

So that’s five things I would love to complete this month! Let’s see how many of them I can do..

What’s a goal/to-do of yours this festive month?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter ♡