TRAVEL | A Christmas Trip to Brighton with the Girls!

I finally visited a place I’ve always wanted to go – Brighton! I went with two of my girl friend’s and here’s what we got up to…

We booked the prettiest airbnb in a really great location. We were a couple of minutes away from the sea which was fab and I would definitely go back during the Summer months. I probably wouldn’t suggest booking somewhere like this (where the owner’s live above) if you’re looking to have a lie-in in the morning, like we were, as we got woken up very early both morning’s due to the noise they were making getting ready for school/work, etc. Which is a massive shame as everything else was completely perfect. We were even left a lovely bottle of Prosecco!

On our first day we had a little stroll along the beach front and sussed out where to go the following day. We also had an evening wander along the pebbled beach which I loved – I would kill to live by the sea, it’s so calming.

On our second day we headed straight to the pier – of course – to take a look around. Obviously the majority of rides and stalls/shops there were shut as it is Winter, but it was still really nice to take it all in and have a peruse of the arcade.

After we’d had our leisurely stroll on the pier, we headed to the famous Lanes! I was very excited for this as I know everyone loves the Lanes. I quite enjoy browsing, so obviously we didn’t pop into every shop but it was really lovely to just take it all in.

We stumbled upon a really beautiful art gallery and all of the paintings were incredible. I’ve spotted one that I want for my future house, so hopefully it will still be there by then (I doubt it).

We also spotted a few lovely places for dinner and cocktails (that was the plan for the evening anyway, but my poor bestie felt ill so we stayed in and had Deliveroo – which is the best thing E V E R R R, let me just say – and gin, of course, whilst watching another film, as we also did this on the first night too) and had a little shop to see if we could get any last minute Christmas gifts for our family.



Choccywoccydoodah was an absolute must and I definitely had the best hot chocolate I have ever had here – although quite sickly, it still tasted amazing. I can’t say that I was sold on the interior, there was too much red for my liking and it was super dark in there which was awful for photos (as you can see below – I have brightened these as much as possible and changed the colour balance). However, it was still pretty cool and the amount of chocolate in there was amazing. As were all of the chocolate sculptures!

The Pump House is where we stopped for lunch on our second day and it was such a good choice! They were serving mulled wine and they also had camembert on the menu which, if you know me IRL, is my all time fave. One of my friend’s had a burger and the other had nacho’s! The food was thoroughly enjoyable and the atmosphere of the pub itself was just right – not too loud but not too dead either.

I had a fab time in Brighton with my gal pals and we will definitely be going back! Probably in the Summer next time as it was super windy and very cold – which we did expect – and it will be really nice to sit and have an ice cream on the beach.

Have you ever been to Brighton?xoxo
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