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BEAUTY | How I Achieve a Flawless Base

Want to know how I create a flawless base? Keep reading!

I’ve always seen other people’s posts about they achieve a flawless base but I’ve never created my own, which is solely down to the fact that I simply haven’t found a base routine that helped me to achieve flawless looking skin.

Enter; the Glossier Priming Moisturiser, Estée Lauder Double Wearthe foundation that I never thought I would try and love, let alone purchase! – and Maybelline Fit Me Powder. Basically the killer trio for me.

I start with the Glossier Priming Moisturiser, which is a new addition to my makeup family and one that was purchased towards the end of 2017. I was late – as usual – to hop on board with the Glossier hype, but I’m soo glad it was better late than never! I love how this moisturiser applies on my skin and sinks in within a few seconds. My face doesn’t feel greasy to the touch and it simply provides the perfect base for my foundation to go over the top of. I don’t need to use a lot of this, as a little bit goes a long way and this moisturiser is super hydrating. It’s just perfection in a tube really!

Then the star of the show arrives in the form of the Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation. I have done a whole post on this foundation here, if you fancy reading it, but in short this gives me perfectly even skin that looks completely airbrushed. I was always under the impression that this foundation would make my face look caked in makeup, but a little bit does go a long way and you can achieve a more natural looking finish with this foundation. It’s comfortable and lightweight to wear and I feel like it looks better and better as the day (or night!) goes on.

The final step is powder and I was always one to ensure I had enough powder on, as I was frightened of looking oily at all. I’ve since started applying less powder and I do this by using a fan brush – I actually saw Lydia Millen do this and thought I’d give it a go myself. I love this technique, as you’ll never apply too much powder and you get a pretty even finish with it. I really like the Maybelline Fit Me Powder because it’s not too heavy and lightly dusts your face, slightly setting the foundation and it doesn’t add any extra coverage or colour to the skin.

So there is my killer trio for achieving my own personal flawless base! I can’t see myself switching up this routine any time soon, as it really does work for me. If you’re tempted by any of these products then I would 100% take the plunge and purchase them, they’re all worth it in my opinion and are fab products.

What base products help you achieve a flawless base?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter ♡

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