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FAVOURITES | What I Watched & Listened To in 2017

I watched and listened to quite a few various TV shows/films and music in 2017, here are a few of my faves…

Thank you to Lucy for the post idea! I couldn’t not create my own after reading hers, as it’s such a fab idea. Make sure you read Lucy’s here.

I’m constantly listening to music and have a lot of faves, so I’ve whittled it down to a few of my absolute faves that I could listen to all day long. I’ve also watched a couple of series on Netflix that I’ve loved and I also have a lot of YouTube video faves, so without further ado let’s see what I loved listening to and watching throughout 2017!


Crybaby, Paloma Faith – I adore Paloma’s music and also her voice (obviously) and this song is such a great one. Paloma was awesome on The Voice as well and now I love her even more. I’m gutted that I couldn’t go and see her in concert, as I didn’t know of anyone who liked her too!

Divide, Ed Sheeran – Everyone and their dog loves this album, I know, but I couldn’t not mention it! There aren’t many albums where I love and listen to every single song, but I do love every single one of Ed Sheeran’s – I’m soo excited to see him in concert again this June!

Anywhere, Rita Ora – I’ve never been a massive fan of Rita Ora’s music, don’t get me wrong all of her songs are great but they just haven’t been long standing ones for me. However, this changed with Anywhere and I flipping love this song! It’s been on repeat since it first came out.

Blinded by your Grace, Pt. 2 (feat. MNEK), Stormzy – Not gonna lie, I never thought I would love a Stormzy song as much as I do with this one but I just really do. I can’t help it!

TV & Films

Stranger Things – Again, I’m sure all of you reading this have watched and loved Stranger Things and I’m still yet to watch Stranger Things 2, but I cannot wait! I didn’t really get into the first season until the last couple of episodes, but as soon as those rolled around I was completely hooked.

The Killing – This series is great and really gets you sitting on the edge of your seat (or bed or whatever..) and if you love mystery/crime dramas with a backstory of the characters then you’ll love this. Admittedly, the main actress can get a bit annoying and I swear she has the same sullen look throughout the whole series.. But it’s still a great watch and you get really into it.

Christmas with the Kranks – I didn’t even know this film existed, but it’s hilarious! We watched this as a family on Christmas Eve and we laughed the whole way through. It’s a great Christmas movie that’s a bit like National Lampoons: Christmas Vacation and it’s an easy watch.


Lydia Millen – I have absolutely loved Lydia’s channel this year and I thoroughly enjoy her vlogs! I’ve really got into watching vlogs recently, as I used to hate them and only enjoyed watching Zoella’s for some reason. However, that’s apparently changed this year and I’m loving them.

Jodie Melissa – Jodie is a fellow blogger and I’m pretty positive you all already follow her blog anyway, but Jodie launched her YouTube channel this year and I’m incredibly happy that she did. Jodie’s channel is quickly becoming one of my faves.

Zoella – An obvious one I know, but I constantly laugh watching any of Zoe’s videos, they’re always light hearted and just generally good fun to watch. I will always love Zoe’s channel and I’ve already mentioned above that I’ve enjoyed her vlogs this year too.

Jaclyn Hill – Always a firm favourite and I just love her. She’s one of the most incredibly talented makeup artists and I adore her fun personality.

I don’t want to list too much, but there have been other songs I’ve been listening to and other things I’ve been watching, but I’ll keep it at this for now! I hope you enjoyed this post and please do make sure you read Lucy’s, as this was all her genius idea.

What were your favourite things to watch and listen to in 2017?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter ♡