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HAUL | The Anthropologie Sale

The Anthropologie sale was too good to pass up on, keep reading to see what goodies I picked up!

I’m obsessed with pretty homeware, even though I don’t own my own home yet! I swear I will be completely set for homeware bits when I do eventually move out.. I just can’t help myself and clearly the Anthropologie sale was too good for me to ignore!

I’ve been pretty good to have never bought anything from Anthropologie until now and when they host a sale, well it would be rude not to buy anything right!? There is also an extra 20% off their sale with the code EXTRA20.

I had my eye on a few things and I was very pleased to see that a couple of those were in the sale. Naturally I snapped them up and for the time being, they’ll obviously double as blog props!

One mug isn’t ever enough so I picked up three! I bought two of the Monogrammed Letter Mug’sA C for me and a K for Kieran! – because at £2.36 per mug for an item I’ve been lusting after for a while is an insane bargain! I also grabbed one of the Mimira Mug’s in the pink option and it’s absolutely beautiful, even more so in person! Now I just need to ignore the niggling voice in my head that’s urging me to buy the mint option too..

All three of these mugs are a great size that I’m able to fit double the amount of hot chocolate in, so I’m very happy. I’m also not surprised at the incredible quality of these.

I have this fancy idea that when I move out I’m going to have lots of pretty little plates to present nibbles on (oh the naivety of someone who still lives at home right?!), so I popped these two gorgeous plates in my basket. The grey motif option of the Oleanna Dessert Plate and also the gold option, just because I obviously needed two.. At the moment, whilst I still live at home, these will double up as some lovely blog props so expect to see them popping up all over the shot! These plates are really lightweight and the patterns are even more beautiful in person. They’re a decent size too and I’m really happy with them!

Lastly, this Marbled Napkin in the grey option was definitely a blog prop buy because I don’t even use napkins! They only have the honey colour option left in this, which is also just as beaut. Again, great quality as it is Anthropologie and I definitely will never use this as a napkin because it’s way too beautiful to ruin!

I’m itching to buy some more goodies in the Anthropologie sale, but I’m trying really hard to refrain from buying anything else. I’m obsessed with their homeware and you can bet that I’ll make myself bankrupt when I move out, just so my house is filled with all of their cute stuff!

Did you pick anything up in the Anthropologie sale?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter ♡

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