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MONTHLY | January Loves

I have been trying to come up with an interesting and different monthly post of some sort and I think I’ve finally come up with something..

Welcome to my first monthly loves post! There will be a load of random and non-random faves that I’ve been loving throughout the month and everything has been sectioned into categories because I’m just too organised for my own good…

By the way, how is January pretty much already over?! 2018 is going to fly by, just as 2017 did – is this what happens when you hit 21, time just flies by?

Sharing The Love

Blog: I’m a sucker for a great personal blog post and Lydia Millen’s was just perfect. To speak so openly about a subject that could receive a lot of negativity, I think is brilliant and says a lot about her as a person – she’s strong and confident. This post was such an interesting read and goes to show that you can have a great wedding by doing whatever you want to do and feel comfortable doing, whether that includes certain traditions or not.

Instagram: Faye’s Instagram is literal perfection. She manages to make the busiest flat lay’s looks so sharp and clean and well put together – I so wish I could do this! Everything is pink too which is just absolutely beautiful and every single one of her photos are completely perfectly flawless!

Twitter: I loved this tweet from Amy, I think it was retweeted onto my timeline and it made me think that actually it’s soo true. We waste so much time thinking about an awful 10 minutes, but in reality do we really need to? Obviously this doesn’t apply to all circumstances, but the tweet was only supposed to be lighthearted anyway and taken in the context of if you have a bad day at work, or a friend does something you don’t necessarily like or think is right, etc.

My Most Loved

Blog: My post that received the highest amount of pageviews was New Places I Want To Travel To In 2018.  Which does actually surprise me, as I thought this may have been a little boring to read but apparently not! I enjoyed putting this post together and the photo to accompany it is one of my favourite flat lay’s that I’ve taken.

Instagram: I tried my hand at creating one of those ‘everything-is-straight-and-next-to-each-other’ (can you tell I don’t know the technical name for them?) flat lay’s and it actually went down quite well which I’m soo happy about! This photo accompanied my ‘Tips for Anxious Flyers’ post, which was another blog post that went down pretty well – which I’m also pleased about as I don’t consider myself and advice giver!

Monthly Favourites

Fave Beauty Product: Estée Lauder Double Wear (still.. Did you expect anything else?!)

Fave Skincare Product: Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser (again, are you surprised?!)

Fave Song: One Last Song, Sam Smith.

Fave Food: Crumpets – oh yes, I’ve rekindled my love for these and now I can’t get enough!

Fave Restaurant: Bill’s. Kieran and I went here at the beginning of the month and I had the gnocchi bolognese, which I can confirm is P E R F E C T.

Fave Purchase: Monogrammed Mugs from Anthropologie. (Post here).

Fave TV Show: Dancing on Ice. Oh yes, my all time favourite show is back and I’m absolutely loving it!

Fave Film: The Greatest Showman. OMG you guys, this film is incredible and I love it. I could talk for ages about it, but I’m not going to!

Fave Emoji: 😅 I’m that person that constantly uses emojis because I hate the idea of coming across blunt! This month’s favourite has definitely been this emoji – which I guess you would call ‘heh’, for me meaning ‘I-would-laugh-but-I-don’t-actually-find-it-funny-and-I’m-trying-not-to-let-this-stress-me-out’. It’s kinda hard to explain, but if you know this emoji then you know!

Fave Game: Bingo Pop. Guys, I’m a grandma and I just love a good game of bingo.. This one’s a little different though and I love it.

Fave Event: Festival of Light, Longleat Safari Park.

Fave Place: My bed. January is an odd month for me and not one I particularly like, I’m quite negative and just see myself in the same position as I was a year ago – even though I want to be further ahead – and it just reminds me that I’ve failed at that! So I’ve been knackered and have spent a lot of time in bed.

New Discoveries

One new blog discovery of mine is Madi’s beautiful blog. I completely adore her photography and writing style and Madi covers mainly beauty and lifestyle. I urge you to follow both her blog and gorgeous Instagram!

Another new blog discovery is Daisy’s super pretty blog. Another girl who’s photography style I find absolutely flawless and I only wish my photos could be as beautiful as Daisy’s! Daisy covers beauty, fashion and lifestyle so there’s a real mix of blog posts which I love. Again, accompanying her beautiful blog is an equally beautiful Instagram.

I’m so lucky to have discovered three amazing blogs this month and the final blog discovery of this month is Caroline’s dreamy blog. I adore Caroline’s photography style (can you tell I immediately get drawn in by pretty pictures?) and her blog is a mix of beauty and lifestyle. Caroline’s Instagram is also another one to be following! All three of these girls deserve all of the love and support, so I urge you all to check out their wonderful blog’s and leave them a lovely comment and follow them!

Maple Biscuits. Maple syrup biscuits, I mean what more could you want right? My boyfriend just recently got back from skiing in Canada and brought me back a massive maple leaf bottle full of maple syrup and also some super yummy maple leaf shaped biscuits – honestly, they’re to die for and I don’t want them to all be eaten!

Looking Forward To

Booking: Bali with the girls!

Celebrating: My sister’s 21st!

Watching: Stranger Things 2 (hopefully).

Seeing: Wicked in the Hippodrome.

Buying: A new pair of workout trainers – mine are not at their best let’s just say, so hopefully I can buy some new ones next month.

Eating: Somewhere new. I have Romy’s on my list, which is an Indian restaurant in my little town.

Monthly Summary

Instagram: 3.1k (hitting 3k this month was a massive milestone to me – follow me here if you don’t already!)

Blog Views: 1k

BlogLovin’ Count: 507 (I finally hit 500 followers and I’m so incredibly happy, thank you everyone!)

Blog Posts: 9

Twitter: 360

What did you love throughout January?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter ♡

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