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SKINCARE | My Current Top 3 Lip Balms

Due to December & January’s dry weather, my lips have also been quite dry and here are three products that I currently swear by…

We all know how tough both December and January (and even February!) can be for dry lips and if you suffer with them too, like I do, the you’ll appreciate just how great it is to find a product – or more than one in this instance – that sorts them out and keeps them hydrated.

The first balm that I tried out was the Rose & Co Rose Petal Salve*. I was kindly sent this last year and instantly fell in love with the packaging – it’s baby pink and super cute. I had a quick peak at the ingredients and saw sweet almond oil, which I knew I would love and I also saw that this product wasn’t tested on animals and this is always an extra bonus for me. The applicator is soo easy to use and looks just like the shape of a lipstick head – you simply squeeze the tube and the salve slowly comes out a tiny little hole in the middle of the slanted plastic head (although the new version looks to be in a tin). This offering is obviously rose scented and smells amazing, it keeps my lips feeling hydrated all night and I wake up in the morning with smooth lips.

My second favourite balm to enter my collection is without a doubt the Glossier Coconut Balm Dot Com. I’m definitely going to hold a collection of these in every scent/flavour because they’re honestly amazing. The packaging is great – Glossier does some of my all time favourite packaging – and you get a pretty decent sized tube, which would take you quite a while to use up! I opted for coconut because we all know I’m a sucker for anything coconut scented, although I do quite fancy the mint option next.. The applicator on this is very different to the Rose & Co offering, it’s just simply a squeeze tube that you squeeze onto your finger and apply the lip balm to your lips with your fingers. I do find this a little annoying, as I hate anything being on my hands but I can forgive that because this product is soo good. Again, I do use this in the evening if my lips are super duper dry and I always wake up the following morning with refreshed, hydrated and soft lips!

Finally, the last offering is one from Carmex, the Peach & Mango Burst Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm. I’d never had a lip balm from Carmex before, which I know sounds stupid because I understand they are the god’s when it comes to lip hydration. However, my friend had one of these when we were in Brighton and I knew I had to pick one up for myself. I was hoping to purchase a similar one to her with the tingly feeling, but obviously I obliviously picked up one that was tingle free! I must admit that I was completely drawn to the flavour of this one, as I adore peach scents too. This does work wonders and instantly relieves my dry and sometimes cracked lips. The applicator on this one is the same as the Glossier one but, again, I can forgive this due to it’s power properties of completely transforming my lips into a hydrated and smooth version. I’m not a massive fan of the bright yellow and red packaging, but at least I won’t lose it right?!

So there are my three current fave lip balms that work absolute wonders. If you don’t have any of these then I highly recommend picking at least one of them up!

What lip balm do you swear by?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter ♡

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