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SKINCARE | Magnitone Facial Cleansing Brush Review

I now have my hands on the Magnitone Facial Cleansing Brush and here’s my thoughts…

I’ve had the Magnitone Facial Cleansing Brush on my wish list for a while now and I finally added it to my skincare collection at Christmas! Obviously I opted for the Rose Gold version because it’s beaut, but the question is; is it any good?

So I tend to use mine maybe three/four times a week – sometimes five – but you could definitely use this every evening in your skincare routine, as it’s not harsh or abrasive at all. I also use my Magnitone on the first setting, which is the constant vibrating one (there is also an intermittent vibrating setting which I haven’t used yet).

My Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Apply your normal facial cleanser. My cleanser of choice is the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanserwhat’s new?!
  2. Grab the Magnitone Brush, turn it on and lightly sweep across your t-zone until you hear the first beep.
  3. After the first beep, use gentle circular movements on your cheeks until your hear the second beep.
  4. After the second beep, I use the Magnitone Brush on my neck – most people forget this area, but I try really hard not to!
  5. You will hear a third and final beep and the Magnitone will automatically turn off, this is when you know you’re done!
The Built in Timer

20 seconds beeps for your T-zone, cheeks and neck (stops after 1 minute).

It’s as quick and easy as that, which is why I love it! I’ve also noticed a difference in my skin since using this, it just looks more healthy and has improved the texture of it. I don’t have any dry patches or bumps either!

I’m quite lucky anyway to not suffer with really unfortunate and bad skin, but I did used to be extremely dehydrated and my foundation would cling to my dry patches and it just looked awful. I did also used to suffer with serious redness on my nose and it didn’t clear up for about five years, until I went to see a nutritionist! (If anyone’s interested in a post on how I managed to clear up the redness and spots on my nose and how I got on with visiting a nutritionist and the doctor’s, etc. then please do let me know, as I’d be more than happy to share my experiences and help anyone else out there who’s suffering and has tried every cream prescribed under the sun..).

The Magnitone is super easy to hold and is pretty lightweight too actually. I’ve been using it two/three/four times a week since Christmas and I haven’t had the need to charge it yet, so the battery life is awesome too. It comes with a USB charger that you can plug into a laptop, smart phone charger or portable charging device. You would definitely be able to use this if you were staying away from home as well, as it’s not very big at all and comes with a little safety cap that you pop over the bristles to protect them. It also comes with a cute little pink pouch – perfect for travelling!

You also get an extra brush head – The Stimulato Brush Head – which is for a lifting and toning massage at home. Magnitone advise to use this every other day for massaging in serums and creams and it works best with the second setting – the Pulselife Toning mode. I haven’t used this brush head yet but I will report back once I have!

So in short, I absolutely love the Magnitone Cleansing Brush and I recommend it to anyone who has it on their current wish list. The colour range is awesome too – I loove the blue one!

Do you own the Magnitone Cleansing Brush? What are your thoughts on it?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter ♡

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