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WATCHING | My Favourite ‘Cosy’ TV Shows

The Winter months are the perfect excuse to get all cosy and watch your favourite TV shows!

I certainly don’t need any prompting when it comes to watching the tellie! I’m forever catching up on TV programmes and also Netflix – it’s safe to say that I have an endless supply of shows to keep me going.

Here is a list of my current fave cosy TV shows;

The Great British Bake Off

I’ve only recently really got into GBBO and I love it! There’s something about baking/cooking shows that just make me feel all relaxed (and hungry!). By the way, I haven’t actually seen the final – so no spoilers please!


Same as above, a cooking show that I love and I haven’t missed an episode in a few years!

Made in Chelsea

Possibly my favourite reality TV show?! My friend and I are currently catching up and we’re on the season where Binky has announced that she’s pregnant with a little girl! We are very far behind, but there’s nothing I love more than binge watching this show!

Pretty Little Liars

Another binge watch series, I watched every season in a few months and thoroughly enjoyed it. I can’t wait to watch them all again soon. I soo wish that I could watch this series again for the first time – that would be amazing!

Keeping up with the Kardashians

I have soo many episodes to catch up on, it’s actually a joke! I love binge watching these – they’re super easy watching and I just love every episode. I know a lot of people love to hate the Kardashians, but I find them highly entertaining.

Stranger Things (1&2)

It took me until the last two episodes to really get into Stranger Things, but now I’m hooked! We’ve nearly finished season 2 and it is creeping me out a bit, not gonna lie, but I’m still loving it.


I really want to be on this show, I’d love to apply! There’s something really odd about watching other people watch tellie, but it makes me laugh and there ain’t nothing better than that! Gogglebox reminds me of Winter for some reason, probably because I started watching it towards the end of last year.


I know I’m missing quite a few typical cosy TV shows in here, so here’s a list of the ones I’m planning on getting around to watching soon (and I’m sure more will be added to this list!);


Gilmore Girls

Sex and the City

Gossip Girl


How I Met Your Mother

What is one of your fave ‘cosy’ TV shows/series?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter ♡