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MONTHLY | March Loves

So March was full of snow, which was a little weird but I still enjoyed it nonetheless. However, I’m soo ready for my sunshine right about now!

In my February Loves post, I mentioned how excited I was for Spring and I think I kinda jinxed it to be honest.. All we’ve had is snow and rain! I think we had a couple of sunny days, but it’s still freezing and we’re all getting a bit fed up now of the miserable and cold weather.

Anyway, let’s see what I’ve been loving throughout March!

Sharing The Love

Blog: As you all know, I love a good personal blog post and Gemma’s letter to Reuben was absolutely beautiful to read and their relationship is just perfect. I adored reading this post and I had to include it as my fave blog post for this month! I highly recommend popping over to Gemma’s blog and reading the post, if you haven’t already, and I also recommend following and supporting her blog as she’s just made the decision to be a full time blogger and I couldn’t be happier for her!

Instagram: There are always too many fave Instagram posts to choose from, but I do just have to choose one for this month, so it would have to be this one by the lovely Kelsey. I don’t know what it is about this photo that I love so much, it’s just perfect! The composition of Kelsey’s photos are always perfect. I swear if I had a feed that looked like Kelsey’s, then my life would be complete! Look how gorgeous her images are!? I’m in complete awe of Kelsey’s photography and she really is a huge inspiration of mine.

Twitter: When we had all the snow, someone posted on Twitter about Hermes popping their parcel in the Igloo they built outside their house, which I find so funny and the Igloo is soo impressive!!

My Most Loved

Blog: My most loved post of the month (with the highest amount of page views) was my Favourite Cosy TV Shows from the end of Feb! I loved putting together this post, but I never thought it would be so popular with you guys which is really cool! I love the photo that accompanied this post too and I need to create more of them.

Instagram: My most liked post on Instagram was this highlighter collection one. At first, I thought this photo was a bit plain and boring, but the feedback I received from it was amazing and it’s actually become one of my fave photos too. It was the photo to go alongside my Highlighter Collection post, which I also really enjoyed writing and putting together. It also made me realise that I am a complete highlighter junkie and I have no shame in admitting that!

Monthly Favourites

Fave Beauty Product: Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara – I’ve pretty much had an unintentional makeup free month, I think I’ve only worn a full face maybe two or three times, so the minimal makeup has included mascara and that’s it!

Fave Skincare Product: Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate – I have only used this once but my skin looked so much better the following morning! I just need to remember to use it, cos I’m really bad with remembering to do my skincare routine..

Fave Song: These Days, Rudimental ft. Jess Glynne, Macklemore & Dan Caplen

Fave Food: Ritz Cream Cheese & Onion Crisps – guys I can’t even tell you how obsessed I am with these crisps as of late, they’re amazingggg!

Fave Restaurant: Nando’s – guys can you believe it, I’ve only been out for food once this month! Which was lunch at Nando’s and I forgot how good their chicken wraps are..

Fave Purchase: It’s hard to pick between this jacket, this jumpsuit and these shoes!

Fave TV Show: How I Met Your Mother – my boyfriend and I have just finished season 1 and I’m already hooked!

Fave Film: Trolls – I watched this for the first time this month and I love both Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick, so this film was a winner for me! I know it’s a kid’s film, but I am a big kid sooo

Fave Emoji: 😍 – Constantly using this because I’m loving everything I see on Instagram at the moment!

Fave Game: Bingo Pop – yes, I’m still obsessed. Yes, I’m still a 22 year old Grandma..

Fave Event: Snow. Technically not an event, but it was eventful so I’m rolling with it. I know everyone else moaned about it, but personally for me it was a perfect end to the long and cold Winter we had (/are still having??). I don’t know what it is about snow, but I just flipping love it!

Fave Place: My hometown – mainly down to the snow and the fact that I didn’t explore anywhere new this month.

New Discoveries

I’m constantly on the lookout for new accounts/bloggers to support and March was definitely a good one for gem finding! My first absolute fave Instagram account is by two lovely sisters and guys, if you’re not following them then I urge you too because their content is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful! They deserve so many more followers than they have, so please go over and show them some love.

Another Instagram find of mine is this gorgeous account that boasts a lot of white and green, which I am totally down for. This is another account that deserves a lot more love – all of her photos are super aesthetically pleasing.

Looking Forward To

Booking: Our final Bali accommodation in Ubud – any recommendations welcome because we’re struggling! There’s three of us, which makes it a bit of a task..

Celebrating: The arrival of Easter – I love how vibrant everything is around Easter

Watching: The Mall at Cribbs Causeway Spring/Summer 18 Fashion Show! Myself and two of my friends try and attend every one, we all love fashion and seeing bits that we can actually buy is the best part.

Seeing: My family down in Devon (and back home in Bristol!) over the Easter weekend!

Buying: possibly another bikini for Bali.. I have a few in my saved items on ASOS!

Eating: Toffee Fudge and Belgian Chocolate Hot Cross Bunsoh my, if you’ve never had these then you need them! They’re seriously delicious!

Monthly Summary

Instagram: 3.2k (I finally reached 3.2k! I was stuck on 3.1k for what seemed like forever, but I’ve now exceeded it and I’m really happy to be seeing slow but continued growth with my account for once)

Blog Views: 900

BlogLovin’ Count: 548 (I’m always so grateful to everyone who follows and supports my blog!)

Blog Posts: 7 (you probably noticed a bit of a dip with the amount of blog posts posted this month and that’s just because I’ve been super busy, and stressed, in my personal life so my blog unfortunately had to take a little bit of a back seat. But I’m hoping to get more posts scheduled for next month!)

Twitter: 421 (yay I hit 400 followers which was my goal for this month! Twitter is always slow for me and that’s probably because I’m guilty of never actually tweeting..)

What did you love throughout March?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter ♡

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