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MONTHLY | April Loves

So, we were blessed with a few days of glorious sunshine in April, so now we’re hoping for a lot more of those days in May!

April was pretty hectic for me, not gonna lie, so I am seriously looking forward to my upcoming holiday in May where I can finally have a break! I am hoping for continued sunny days throughout May because we do not need any more rain..

Sharing The Love

Blog: I loove a good travel post and it’s definitely something I’m planning on doing more of on this little blog of mine – I would absolutely love to travel, but I hate the uncertainty of not coming back to a job etc. so I think I’ll stick to mini break’s for the time being! Anyway, the lovely Kelsey always makes me want to stop everything I’m doing and immediately visit America (I think if I could live anywhere then it definitely would be America for sure) and I always swoon over her travel posts. This Charleston one is super dreamy and just look at her photos! Kelsey is an amazing photographer who I definitely look up to, so be sure to check out all of her content and follow her if you don’t already!

Instagram: Jasmin’s account is just an absolute dream and if mine could look like her’s one day then I would be completely over the moon! Jasmin is also a fellow photographer and if I can get to both her and Kelsey’s level’s one day then I’ll be one very happy bunny. Definitely give Jasmin a follow if you don’t already!

Twitter: I love occasionally hopping by Twitter and having a little chuckle at some of the funny tweets I see on there and this one was no exception. I don’t know it tickled me, but it just did!

My Most Loved

Blog: Holiday Essentials with Matalan. I very kindly got sent some pieces by Matalan (definitely a pinch me moment, not gonna lie..) from their Holiday Shop section and I put together a post featuring my usual holiday essentials. As you all know I’m off the Bali in a couple of weeks (I’m sorry I keep going on about it, but not sorry enough to stop!) so this post came about at the perfect time and you’ll definitely see me sporting the cover up’s out there! I also really loved how this image came out, I was trying to get an interesting ‘spilling-out-the-suitcase’ flat lay and I’m happy with how my version came out!

Instagram: This ‘new in’ flat lay. I tried something a little different with this flat lay and it definitely paid off! I think I need to continue going down this route with my upcoming flay lay’s, I just find it so hard to stick to one style and the same ‘props’ – but I really need to start making my photos more uniform!

Monthly Favourites

Fave Beauty Product: Colourpop Lippie Stix – I own two of these and haven’t used them in ages, but I forgot how simple they are to use and the colour payoff of them is insane! Now I want more shades..

Fave Skincare Product: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lip Balm – I received a few Palmer’s goodies a few weeks back (post here) and this lip balm is soo incredibly moisturising, it’s a dream!

Fave Song: Guilty – The Shires. I listen to Magic radio every morning on the way to work and I always love the different music they play (rather than the same song’s on repeat.. *cough Capital & KISS cough*) and I was introduced to The Shires one morning and now I’m obsessed with this song. I love Country music and this song also has a modern twist!

Fave Food: German Smoked Cheese – We had this specific cheese a few times over the Christmas period and I popped into Tesco recently and saw it on the shelf and now I’m obsessed all over again, it’s amazing!! You need to try it if you like smokey cheese..

Fave Restaurant: Twelve (well, technically a café..) – I had brunch here and you can see what I ate in this post here!

Fave Purchase: 100% this bag from H&M – look how beautiful it is! I can see a straw bag obsession happening very rapidly..

Fave TV Show: Sam & Billie Faiers: The Mummy Diaries – I’ve started catching up with this and I’m loving it! If you watch it, then you’ll know the love for the show.

Fave Film: Ghostbusters (the 2016 version) – I absolutely loved Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids together and if you enjoyed that film, then I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy this one too.

Fave Emoji: 🤷🏼‍ – I’m loving the girl shrugging her shoulders, that’s literally been me for the majority of this month!

Fave Game: Bingo Pop – yes, still! I’m not playing it as much though cos I keep running out of cherries..

Fave Event: The sun. Yes I know, like last month this is not an event but those three of four consecutive sunny days we had in a row were utter bliss and now I want Summer!

Fave Place: Clifton. I’ve popped into town quite a few times now, I did a fashion shoot on my friend and then I also had another one towards the end of the month and it’s just reminded me how nice it is to visit Clifton and I now have a lot of cute places on my list ‘to go to’.

New Discoveries

Instagram: Sholay Indian Kitchen – I found this new Bristol restaurant through the Socialight app and it looks soo yummy! I’m also loving the food photography on their account.

Restaurant/Café: Twelve. I mentioned it above but it’s a really cute coffee shop that serves the yummiest brunch!

Looking Forward To

Booking: Locked in a Room for my birthday with a few friends – I know a lot of people who have done something similar and they loved it, so I’m hoping we’ll all enjoy it and it’s something different to do!

Celebrating: My birthday! May 12th is my birthday and it’s on a Saturday (winner) so I get a whole weekend of celebrating before jetting off to Bali two days later – woo!

Watching: My work colleague get married! I’m actually photographing his wedding and I’m really nervous but also super excited as well!

Seeing: Bali! It’s very exciting that I’ll be off in a couple of week’s time – expect a lot of Bali spam over on my Instagram whilst I’m there and when I’m back, expect a lot of fashion and travel content here on the blog.

Buying: This float for Bali – gotta get those Instagram pics right?!

Eating: Cake (birthday cake) and Bali cuisine! I’m really looking forward to trying lots of different foods in Bali and I have the longest list of places I want to eat at..

Monthly Summary

Instagram: 3.2k – it’s always extremely slow for me to reach the next hundred, but at least it’s not going down hey?! (fingers crossed…)

Blog Views: 1.5k – I would love to achieve 2k views by the end of the year!

BlogLovin’ Count: 564 – Can I get to 600 in a few month’s time?!

Blog Posts: 8 – I thought I’d had a slow blog month, but 8 posts isn’t too bad and I’ve been really happy with the posts that I have put out this month.

Twitter: 430 – Twitter is always slow for me because I hardly use it, which I know is something I need to get better with.

What did you love throughout April?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter ♡

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