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MONTHLY | June Loves

Well, June was an absolute whirlwind wasn’t it!?

I have honestly been the busiest little bee ever since the beginning of May and I’m loving it, but my blog is suffering from it (which you can probably already guess, seeing as how this post is mega late and the lack of content that’s been posted over the past few weeks..) which is making me feel a little stressed. I have SO many blog posts and YouTube vlogs planned, but I just can’t seem to find the time to edit them all!? I’m hoping things will start to quieten down over the next few weeks, which will mean that I can start making a dent in my Bali content which I am d y i n g to share with you guys. Remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep up to date with my vlogs, which I should hopefully start posting in the next week or so.

Sharing The Love

Blog: I have absolutely adored every single one of Kate and Jordan’s wedding photographs and to see a whole ‘album’ of them in this post by the lovely Kate was an absolute dream! All of the photographs are beautiful and I can only dream of being as good of a photographer as that one day. Reading all about their wedding really makes me want to elope to another country one day and get married..


Instagram: My lovely friend Megan’s Instagram is always super dreamy and she’s really upping her game again at the moment – all of her photos are so naturally beautifully and nothing ever looks staged or fake. I’m totally obsessed and can I please have an Instagram that looks like this?! This post is very pleasing on the eye and I adore the addition of all the petals and flower heads and the ribbon – totally gorgeous! That photo really stood out to me this month and is giving me all the inspo.

Twitter: I loved this tweet by Laura Blackburn, it really made me chuckle! Jack and Dani are just the ultimate couple and I find them both hilarious.

My Most Loved

Blog: My previous Monthly Loves post for May was my most loved post last month! I’m still so happy with these monthly posts and it makes me incredibly happy to know that you’re all still loving them too!

Instagram: I’ve been loving creating a bit of fashion content recently and this post went down really well with you guys on Instagram! To be honest, I think it’s probably the ever popular button down midi dress that received all the likes – I’m still trying to work on my poses, as I feel super awkward in front of the camera still.

Monthly Favourites

Fave Beauty Product: I haven’t changed my makeup up in what seems like forever.. So I’m going to have to go with the Maybelline Lash Sensational (again!).

Fave Skincare Product: The Glossier Coconut Balm Dot Com. I’ve been using this to sort out my fingers (I bite them, disgusting habit I know..) and it’s been working wonders! I just love this stuff!

Fave Song: 2002 – Anne-Marie. I’m head over heels for this beautiful song and seeing Anne-Marie support Ed Sheeran was incredible – I’m now obsessed with her haha..

Fave Food: Eat Natural Chocolate, Peanut and Coconut Bar. I’ve been having one of these alongside a yoghurt and a banana for breakfast and I’m loving them! I need more protein in my diet and this little bar has been perfect for adding that.

Fave Restaurant: Hawkes House. We have this cute little pub/restaurant in my home town and I forgot how good the food is! On one of the super sunny days, myself, Kieran and a couple of our friends headed there for a tapas lunch and it was super yummy.

Fave Purchase: Our Disneyland Paris tickets of course!

Face TV Show: Love Island, duh! It started again in June and I could not be happier with it being on my screen e v e r y night.

Fave Film: I didn’t watch any films in June (that I can remember anyway)!

Fave Emoji:¬† ūüė≠¬†– I’ve been using this one a lot, but not in the physically crying way. In a ‘omg too much’ kinda way, you know?

Fave Game: I also didn’t have time to play any games during June!

Fave Event: 100% hands down the Ed Sheeran concert at Wembley! SO good!

Fave Place: Devon. We visited Kieran’s grandparents and my cousin again at the beginning of June and every time I visit, it always makes me want to live there near the sea – maybe one day..

New Discoveries 

Instagram: Only two Instagram discoveries this month! One of them is the gorgeous Amberley – her feed is super colourful and bright and I love it! A new find that I recommend checking out.

Instagram: Another Instagram discovery and I swear I’m not biased just because this lovely lady’s feed is full of stunning Bali pictures.. I adore Nancy’s photography, all of her photos are beautiful and why can’t I take pictures like this please?! I’m also loving that unicorn float!

Looking Forward To

Booking: Some more PT sessions. I’ve started Personal Training and I’m absolutely loving it so far – which I never thought I would!

Celebrating: Kieran’s birthday on the 11th! We’re hoping to have a little picnic somewhere in the Cotswold’s.

Watching: More Love Island!

Seeing: The glorious sunshine stick around for the whole of July – fingers crossed!

Buying: Some exercise shorts – wearing leggings in this ridiculous heat has been a joke..

Eating: Great food! With it being Kieran’s birthday month, I’m planning on treating myself the whole day to amazing food – because why not?!

Monthly Summary

Instagram: S T I L L 3.2k.. I swear trying to get to 3.3k is just as hard as trying to surpass 3k was?! It’s ridiculous! I’m trying not to let it bother me because, at the end of the day, I’m not happy with my feed so why would anyone want to follow it when I’m not producing the best content that I can?!

Blog Views: 720 – I’m not surprised though because I have neglected my blog for what feels like forever – I promise I’ll be back soon..

BlogLovin’ Count: 585 – still steadily increasing which is fab!

Blog Posts: 4 – averaging at one a week which isn’t too bad, but it was super stressful trying to just get those four out! I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things and hopefully get a proper schedule going again.

Twitter: 454 – still super slow but I didn’t really expect anything less as I hardly use Twitter! There will be a goal of using Twitter more soon..

What did you love throughout June?xoxo‚ô°¬†BlogLovin’¬†|¬†Tumblr¬†|¬†Instagram¬†|¬†Twitter¬†‚ô°

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