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Today I thought I’d share a fairly ‘quick’ post, providing an overview of my photography equipment and what I’d recommend from the bunch…

I never really share photography stuff on my blog – mainly because I don’t think I’m good or professional enough to share any tips etc. hopefully one day I’ll be more clued up and able to do this! – but today I fancied giving an overview of all the kit I own with my personal thoughts and opinions on them.

I’d like to start off by quickly saying that you don’t need any equipment other than your phone camera to take lovely photos (I hardly ever use my phone cos I’m too fussy and prefer a more sharp and crisp photo, being a perfectionist sucks) and you also don’t need expensive gear and a lot of it (all the gear and no idea springs to mind..). I’m a hoarder of everything, so I always have to remember that I don’t need everything to take beautiful photos – I just need to understand what I’ve already got better and experiment more!

Canon 700D

I’ll start off with the body I own and that’s the Canon 700D. I am due an upgrade soon, due to this model being semi-professional, and Latest Deals sell lots of DSLR cameras with offer prices applied! Which would be a great place to look for the camera you want with a discount. They also have bundles where you can receive the required body with one or two lens’. I’ve had my Canon 700D for around 4 or 5 years now and it’s been amazing, I love it. It also has video function on so you can record high quality videos – I would highly recommend this camera for those who want to take the jump to a DSLR and have also just started out filming YouTube videos, or just videos in general.

Olympus OM-D E-M10

I bought this off my friend who was going to sell it, as I’ve always heard wonderful things surrounding Olympus cameras and I needed a slightly more portable camera that still took great quality photos. I love the retro/vintage look of this camera, however due to this it is quite heavy. I currently use this to vlog with, even though it is a little too heavy, but it still does the job. I also prefer to take this camera away with me on holiday, as opposed to my Canon, due to the fact that I use my Canon for professional purposes.

Canon 18-200mm Lens

This was the first lens I invested in and I managed to bag mine for half the price, second hand. I love this lens for it’s zoom, but apart from that it’s just not really for me – I find I don’t get on with it as well as I’d have hoped that I would. It just doesn’t seem to give me the quality of photos that I’m looking for, I love detail shots and I love that depth of field that an F1.8-2.0 provides. This is a fab lens that I will keep, but I will probably use it more for landscape and nature photography and group shots for weddings, etc. I know a lot of photographer’s swear by this lens, so maybe I’m just a bit too inexperienced to be using it right now!

Canon 50mm Lens

Now this lens I am completely in love with! I’ve only had it a few weeks, but because I’ve had the Olympus 45mm lens for a couple of month’s now, I knew I’d love this one. I used it for a whole wedding last weekend and it was perfect – I think I’ve found my ‘me’ lens. It provides me with that deep depth of field and a really crisp and sharp photo. I can’t believe how affordable this lens is too, especially considering how well it performs. I would highly recommend this lens to anyone and everyone and I know a lot of fellow bloggers adore this wonderful lens.

Olympus 45mm Lens

Same as above really! There isn’t much more to add. The only annoying thing about the fixed lens’ is how zoomed in they are, so you have to stand so far away from the subject of the photo – so it’s a little daunting when you’re not a confident photographer and you’re using these lens’ in public! I am loving a fixed lens though, which I really didn’t think I would.

Aldi Tripod

You can never go wrong with a good old tripod and mine was only £10 (I think!) from Aldi – what a bargain! Obviously tripod’s are pretty self explanatory, but they’re a nifty little piece of kit that every photographer/photography lover needs in their camera loving life.

Portable Studio

I was kindly given mine second hand, but these are SO cheap on eBay. You honestly do not need all the fancy kit when you first start out, this studio has been brilliant and you wouldn’t know it was inexpensive from photos I’ve taken using it! I also use a felt sheet which is thick enough to not let the light go through and also reflects the light, making the photo look even brighter – it’s fab! Obviously one day I would love to invest in a ‘proper’ studio with the photographic paper and everything, but for now when I’m just starting out this is absolutely perfect.

x2 Batteries for both Cameras, plus multiple Memory Cards

I think two batteries is an absolute must to be honest, it’s so handy because you can use one whilst charging the other and I have two batteries for each camera. Definitely worth the tiny investment! The same goes for memory cards too – everyone knows that you can never have too many! My favourite to buy is this one from eBay – it’s 64GB and SO cheap! I’ve linked a similar one to the one I normally buy, as that looks to have disappeared and this one is even cheaper.


Hopefully this post wasn’t too long and was helpful to some of you! I highly recommend checking out Latest Deals for camera’s/camera equipment (and anything else really!), as their products are discounted which is perfect for us bargain hunters.

What is your favourite piece of photography kit?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter ♡

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