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MONTHLY | July Loves

Another month another monthly loves post!

Well July was bloody beautiful wasn’t it?! The weather we’ve had has been absolutely amazing and I can’t get enough of the warmth and sunshine, constantly making me feel like I’m somewhere like Spain! I’m excited for the rain to clear up so we can have the glorious sun again. So, here are my monthly loves for July..

Sharing The Love

Blog: I’m still desperately trying to catch up with all my fave bloggers posts at the moment, so I’m still a little behind.. However, my favourite blog post of the month is this one by Rebecca from From Roses. I always love posts that have a little chat along the lines of your younger self – I usually always nod along and agree!

Instagram: I mean Kelsey’s beautiful Instagram is always a constant fave of mine – every single photo she posts is absolutely jaw droppingly amazing. I’m just obsessed you guys. I love this cute little snap of Kelsey in her bed with some yummy looking pancakes – she’s always so inventive with her photography and I can only hope to be as great of a photographer as her one day!

Twitter: There are too many Twitter faves to choose from for July, but I’ve gone with this one by the lovely Caroline – anything to do with cats I love and this one just made me giggle a little more than the rest!

My Most Loved

Blog: My May Loves post was my most viewed/loved for July! You would have thought it would be June considering May is two month’s ago, but there we go – it still fills me with such joy that you guys are continuing to love my monthly posts. They take quite a bit of time to put together, but it’s lovely to know that it’s all worth it. I always receive the loveliest comments on them too – so thank you!

Instagram: My most liked photo on Instagram was one of my collaboration photos with Daniel Wellington, where I’m stood in front of the Disneyland Princess Castle! I love this photo too – Kieran did such a fab job capturing exactly what I wanted and I’ll be telling him that one of his photos is my most loved from July, he’ll love that!

Twitter: I thought I’d add Twitter in, as then it will force me to use the app more and be more creative with my tweets! My most favourited tweet in July was this one, where I was expressing how hard I find this weather to dress for and having zero motivation to be more ‘fashionable’. It’s something I really want to work on, I know that sounds rather odd, but I love fashion and I want to feel more inspired every morning when I get dressed.

Monthly Favourites

Fave Beauty Product: Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. This has been my little saviour this month, due to some pesky unwanted rare spots appearing all over my face – it must be a reaction to the heat, as I hardly ever get spots these days!

Fave Skincare Product: Sudocream. I don’t think this works as well for me as it does for other people, but it’s certainly helped keep a couple of volcano spots at bay and also reduced the existing ones by quite a bit and also fairly quickly too – so I can’t complain really!

Fave Song: I’m quite enjoying God Is A Woman by Ariana Grande. I didn’t really love it at first, but it’s definitely growing on me more each time I hear it on the radio!

Fave Food: Halloumi. I’ve become re-obsessed with Halloumi again! I went off it for ages, so I really hope that doesn’t happen again..

Fave Restaurant: Noto, Clifton. Post coming soon…

Fave Purchase: I have two – this stunning yellow lace dress and this gorgeous pink lace dress. I want to keep both, but do I really need them both?!

Fave TV Show: Still Love Island and wasn’t the final amazing?! SO happy Jack and Dani won – no one deserved it more. I love them!

Fave Film: Mamma Mia 2! I saw this on Sunday and absolutely LOVED it. I always think if you don’t like cheesy films, then do not go and watch Mamma Mia and then complain about how cheesy it is – it’s something that really annoys me!! Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed it and have decided that I really fancy Lily James in the film – she’s beautiful isn’t she?!

Fave Emoji: 😭 – I keep using the crying one at the moment, not in the sad way but in the ‘omg stop’ way, you know?

Fave Event: One of my best friend’s hen do in Bath! I had so much fun and it reminded me how much I love Bath too.

Fave Place: Disneyland Paris of course! Best trip ever. Need to go back ASAP!

New Discoveries

Instagram: My first Instagram find is a super dreamy one by the stunning Natalie. Her feed is absolute goals and how cool does living in Utah look?! Look how many pretty photography spots there are! I’m obsessed!

Instagram: I love Amelia’s natural yet eye catching feed. Each image goes so well together in the most natural and non-forced ‘feed’ way and that is something I really strive for my Instagram to be – hopefully one day!

Instagram: One final Instagram discovery of the month is the gorgeous Annie! I love Annie’s fashion shots and all her stunning outfit’s that she wears. I adore the way she edits her photos too!

Looking Forward To

Booking: I don’t actually plan on booking anything this month! I need a fairly quiet month where I don’t unnecessarily spend (who am I kidding….).

Celebrating: Other than my friend getting married, not much at all!

Watching: One of my gorgeous best friend’s get married! I can’t believe how quickly it’s come around and I’m going to be so emotional all day!

Seeing: Craig David, Clean Bandit, Paloma Faith & James Arthur live at The Big Feastival! My friends and I booked our tickets a few days ago and I’m SO excited!

Buying: A cute baby outfit for my boyfriend’s boss and his wife, as their baby is due next week! Matalan have the cutest picks in right now.

Eating: At the new Indian Sholay Kitchen in Bristol – it looks like tapas style Indian and I am SO here for that!

Visiting: Two places – one being Tortworth Court Spa (my mum, sister and I are having a little spa afternoon at the beginning of August!) and the other is Devon! I’m planning on visiting my cousin again and fingers crossed the weather will be lush so we can finally have a picnic on the beach!

Monthly Summary

Instagram: 3.3k – As of today (31/07/2018) I have finally hit 3.3k woo! Although, I doubt this will last long as this is my third time hitting it.. The unfollowers are out in full force at the moment, I tell ya!

Blog Views: 740. Again, not great as I usually like to exceed 1,000 – but it’s still pretty good considering I haven’t given my blog nearly as much attention as it needs right now. I’m hoping to start stepping back up again soon.

BlogLovin’ Count: 597. 3 away from 600 – can you believe it?! I’m actually in shock and I’m SO happy. Thank you to everyone who follows along with my little blogging journey and reads all my posts!

Blog Posts: 7. Not bad considering how busy I’ve been with trying to catch up with everything!

Twitter: 458. Still steadily increasing, still need to put more effort into Twitter..

What did you love throughout July?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter ♡

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