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TRAVEL & FOOD | Places To Eat in Bali

If you’re hungry, I would definitely grab a snack before reading my Bali restaurant recommendations!

We ate out quite a lot in Bali and managed to visit quite a few different restaurants – I did go with a whole plan of exactly everything I would do and places I would eat and well, you can imagine what happened with that.. It’s safe to say I couldn’t really be bothered with trying to locate all of these ‘Instagrammable’ restaurants, I was on holiday of course!

We managed to stumble upon quite a few lovely places that I really wanted to share with you guys today.

First up is Seminyak. We stayed here the longest (4 days) and there were hundreds of restaurants to eat in, it was pretty hard to choose! However, we did find some absolute gems.

Zibiru, Seminyak 5/5 

The cutest little Italian restaurant, that’s quite tucked away and could have easily been missed! My friend and I stumbled upon this place for lunch one day and I’m so happy we found this spot because I had the best panini I’ve ever tasted in my whole 23 years of living! It was filled with tomato, basil and mozzarella and was super delicious. My friend, Hannah, treated herself to the homemade pasta with tomato and ricotta and my god it was the most delicious pasta ever! The food, staff and decor all received five stars – absolutely nothing disappointed.

Peloton Supershop, Canggu 5/5

One of my friend’s and I know one of the owners of Peloton Supershop, so it was a must that we visited and could finally hear what all of the fuss was about! I know Aspyn Ovard absolutely raves about this place and it’s notorious for being one of the best vegan restaurants in Bali. I honestly cannot stress enough how amazing the food is here – you would not know you were eating vegan food (besides the fact of no meat and the menu giving it away) and I highly recommend visiting the Peloton Supershop if you’re ever in Bali/planning a trip there. The food is insane! I opted for the Napoleon Dynamite (pasta with napolitana sauce) with Garlic Bread and one of my friend’s and I also shared the Arancini Balls to start – I can confirm that both were delicious and I can’t stop thinking about them.. I also tried my first vegan burger (one of my friend’s had the burger) and it was incredible! I’m not that fussed on meat anyway, it’s just dairy that I can’t give up. I loved the whole vibe of the restaurant too, I felt really comfortable and calm. Also, thanks to my sister’s boyfriend for using his phone torch as a light for me for these photos! Again, the food, staff and decor all received five stars – there is absolutely nothing negative to say.

Bistro Batu Kali, Seminyak 3/5 

There are so many restaurants all in a row to choose from in Seminyak and one of the places we decided to visit was Bistro Batu Kali. The restaurant itself was quite nice, nothing too fancy and it looked out onto the road and the bars and restaurants opposite. I do love how half of this restaurant was outside and the other half was inside, it didn’t feel claustrophobic at all. The whole bus of Bali is lovely – it’s never dead quiet, which I really enjoyed.

I decided to go for Chicken Satay with Rice and it was really yummy! I also had a Chocolate Lava Cake for dessert, which was slightly disappointing as I had no oozing chocolate! All of the staff in Bali are the loveliest people ever, so they’ll always be rated five stars. However, the food and decor are what takes this place down to three out of five stars. It wasn’t bad by no means, I just don’t think I’d visit again the next time I go to Bali.

Trawangan Dive Restaurant, Gili Trawangan 4/5 

Most of the restaurants in Gili T are located on the beach, which is super cute! There were fairy lights galore, so I really was completely in my element. There’s a hotel on Gili T called Trawangan Dive and the restaurant attached to it above looked lovely and simple, which was what my friends and I were all looking for that particular night. I treated myself to a chicken quesadilla, whilst one of my friends had a yummy beef burger and the other had a hearty bowl of carbonara pasta! The food was really great and the whole vibe of the place was lovely. We sat overlooking the busy strip of bars and restaurants and the beach. Again, all Bali staff are rated five out of five stars, however this place doesn’t quite a full five stars as I wasn’t amazed by the food or the restaurant itself.

Blu D’a Mare, Gili Trawangan 3/5

Thank goodness for Instagram story highlights because I was supposed to jot down the name’s of all the restaurants we ate at, so that I could do a whole food blog post.. Well we all know how forgetful I am and I obviously didn’t bother doing this – go me! I promise one day I will be a really great and organised blogger (maybe).. This restaurant was on the beach, which was super cute and this was the restaurant where I had my first pizza of the holiday! It was a downward pizza spiral after this, I tell ya.. My pizza did taste slightly alcoholic, obviously it had no alcohol in it but we couldn’t work out where the taste was coming from – if we had to guess then we would probably say the tomato sauce! Again, I wasn’t ‘wowed’ by the food here or the restaurant itself, which is why this one received three out of five stars.

Ibu Rai, Ubud 5/5 

Ibu Rai, Ubud was 100% the most traditional Indonesian restaurant that we ate at – the decor was of a very Indonesian culture and it was lovely! This is where I had my second pizza of the holiday and it was a million times better than the previous one, it was super thin and crispy and cheesy and just really really yummy! One of my friend’s had like a garlic chicken dish with mediterranean vegetables and then my other friend opted for Mei Goreng (chicken and noodles basically!). The food was SO good and the whole buzz of the restaurant was fab. I really loved how ‘busy’ Bali felt, for some reason it really made me feel at ease. Ibu Rai gets a five star rating because I have no negatives!

Johnny Rockets, Seminyak 5/5 

Our final food stop whilst in Bali was very traditionally American and I can’t lie and say that I didn’t love it because I absolutely did. American style restaurants are my all time fave, so we couldn’t resist! I’d been craving one of their burgers ever since I saw the diner on one of my first day’s there. I had the sourdough toasted sandwich option with a BBQ chicken and cheese filling and oh my goodness it was d i v i n e! I also had a side of fries and the vanilla shake – everything was delicious and I can’t stop thinking about it! Therefore, that is why Johnny Rockets has received a full five stars.

I had so many places on my ‘must eat in Bali’ list and we only visited one of them. Sometimes you’re better off going without a plan and just stumbling upon places – I will definitely consult that list the next time I do visit Bali though, as all of them looked amazing (and very Instagrammable of course..).

If you’ve ever eaten in Bali, where was your favourite restaurant?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter ♡