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MONTHLY | August Loves

I feel like every month this year goes by quicker and quicker and August was no different..

I’m only seven days late with this post as we are now completely out of August, but let’s just skim past that and pretend it’s the 1st of September..

You all know by now that I’m scrambling to catch up with all things blogging. I promise I am getting there – slowly! Anyway, let’s see what August brought to the table.

Sharing The Love

Blog: It was SO hard choosing a favourite blog post for this month’s post. Honestly, I’ve read many amazing posts and I wish I could choose them all! You can see more of my favourites in the Collection section of my BlogLovin’. There are a lot of fab ones in there! Anyway, this one by Forever Amber really stuck with me and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Everything she says in this post is SO true and I totally agree with her! 

Instagram: Instagram is always THE hardest for me to choose a favourite, as there are a lot of very talented content creators out there right now! You all give me such inspiration and the urge to improve my photography skills. Obviously because I have to choose.. This has to be my favourite of the month from the super talented Kate! I’m so desperate to visit New York, so anything NY related I am obsessed with right now. I always adore all of Kate’s content – specifically her travel content. Every photo Kate takes she manages to make look absolutely perfect. We all wonder how she does it!

Twitter: So, this tweet is really important and more people need to seriously understand how dangerous it is to use your phone whilst driving. I’m really unsure why some people can be so naive and think that nothing will happen to them if they ‘quickly reply to an “urgent” text message’ or have a ‘little scroll through IG’. It honestly baffles me and makes me so angry. I know a lot of people that I either work with, are friends with or who are in my family that do it and it’s infuriating not being able to get it through to them! Anyway, before I jabber on too much and annoy everyone, if you haven’t seen this tweet already then go and give it a quick read and hopefully it will change your mind if you’re a text and drive kind of person (please don’t be!).

My Most Loved

Blog: Surprisingly enough, my first ever Photography blog post was my most loved for August! I say surprisingly because I didn’t think anyone would be that interested in the equipment I use – but clearly I was wrong! I quite enjoyed talking about all of my photography equipment though. I’ll keep this up for the future.

Instagram: Looks like everyone loves travel photos – I know I do anyway! This post from when I went to Bali in May did really well. It was an ad too so I’m so pleased that I have the most supportive followers. You guys are the best! It still seems so surreal that I’ve ticked Bali off the bucket list.. I want to go back!

Twitter: As a bid to use Twitter more, you may have noticed that I added this in last month. My tweets don’t get that much love because I hardly use it.. I really need to use the app more because I used to absolutely love it. I love engaging with everyone too! But anyway, this was my most loved tweet in August!

Monthly Favourites

Fave Beauty Product: I have fallen back in love with the shade Half-Baked from the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. I can’t stop using it right now! It’s such a beaut shade and if you don’t own it, you need it in your makeup life!

Fave Skincare Product: I recently received a lovely little package from Bilou (blog post coming soon (ish..)) and inside it was the Shower Foam Coco Cocktail which I can confirm is and smells amazing! My skin has felt so soft after using this and I smell lovely too.

Fave Song: Ocean (feat. Khalid) by Martin Garrix – I just really loved this song throughout August and still do now!

Fave Food: A crumpet with Dairylea Cheese.. I discovered these again after not eating the combo for a while (it’s extremely bad for you!). They’re just so delicious together and people never believe me until they try it for themselves. Of course you’ll only enjoy it if you love Dairylea cheese though! I believe normal cheese works well with crumpets too.

Fave Restaurant: Has to be Sholay Indian Kitchen in Wapping Wharf. I visited as part of a collaboration (again, post coming very soon..) and the food was SO good! I love Indian food so I knew I’d love this place. You have to visit if you live in Bristol or are ever in the area!

Fave Purchase: This very popular New York Skyline T Shirt from Topshop. I love a good slogan/graphic tee and this one is perfect! I also purchased the Paris version too for myself and my cousin (for passing her GCSEs with amazing grades!). The London one is cute as well.

Fave TV Show: The Great British Bake Off returned to our screens at the very end of August and it is my mission to watch the whole thing this time around! So far I’m loving it.

Fave Film: Love, Once and Always. If you have the movie channel Movies24 (that turns into Christmas24 come November), then you’ll know of all the lovely and small films shown on that channel daily. This was one of them that I thoroughly enjoyed. A fact you’re all probably not at all surprised to hear is that I love a good rom com!

Fave Game: Bingo Pop is back! I’m not playing it as much but I still love it.

Fave Event: The Big Feastival. My first festival and I absolutely loved it! Craig David, Clean Bandit, Paloma Faith and James Arthur were the headlining acts I was most excited to see! I can confirm they did not disappoint and I had the best weekend. One of my best friend’s also got married in August and it was beautiful. She was and is beautiful and the whole day was lovely. I obviously couldn’t choose between these two!

Fave Place: Tortworth Court Spa. For my mum’s birthday, my sister and I bought her a little treat of Afternoon Tea, two treatments and a Spa session at Tortworth Court and it was super relaxing.

New Discoveries

Instagram: Four new Instagram discoveries this month! The first one being Irina’s super dreamy account. I adore that photography style of ‘a lot going on’, if you know what I mean.. You can still clearly see the subject of the photo, but there’s a lot more depth to it by having a lot going on in the background and sometimes foreground. Colourful but without the bright colours!

Instagram: Next up is the gorgeous Sara. I love an Instagram account where there are loads of photos of the person who’s account it is. I don’t know why, I just do! Don’t get me wrong, I love a good flat lay just as much as the next person but I’m all about that lifestyle photography right now.

Instagram: Imogen has the cosiest Instagram feed I think I have ever seen in my life – look at it! So gorgeous! I love the constant Autumnal feel with the consistent brown toned photos that are always shot on Imogen’s bed.

Instagram: Last but definitely by no means least, is the beautiful Laura. Her account is absolute goals and look how gorgeous the travel content is?! You guys know I’m obsessed with both travel and lifestyle content and Laura completely smashes both! I’m too obsessed for my own good and need to chill out!


Looking Forward To

Booking: A 10 day holiday with Kieran! We have no idea where we’re going yet, but we’re planning on going the 25th September (yes this year, yes this month..) and we want to get a cracking last minute deal!

Celebrating: My cousin’s 17th birthday (even though I’m being a really bad cousin and I’m actually away in Center Parcs over her birthday..).

Watching: The Greatest Showman at an Outdoor Cinema. This has now been and gone (2nd September) but it was amazing and I loved it!

Seeing: My friend who’s just got back from her dreamy honeymoon! We went to Pizza Express for lunch and a catch up.

Buying: A leopard print dress so I can finally style it up with a plain white tee, a belt and some trainers!

Eating: Hopefully some good food at a new restaurant. I have a section in my notes filled with new places to eat at in Bristol!

Monthly Summary

Instagram: 3.2k.. Again! So annoying. I hit 3.3k last month and then 40 people decided to unfollow me – I only worry because I really want my Instagram content to be good enough! I need to be way more consistent and involved too, so when I get back on track I will be doing this to see if it makes any difference.

Blog Views: Only 600 this month, which is a little strange considering I’ve been posting a lot more.. I need to get back up to at least 1,000 really!

BlogLovin’ Count: 600 – yay! Only 400 away from 1,000 now. It’s always been a goal of mine to hit 1,000 followers on my blog!

Blog Posts: 11. Which is quite a lot of posts actually! I’ve had (and still do have) so many blog posts sat in my drafts folder that either needed/do need pictures or writing. I would say I’m half way there to catching up, so expect a lot of posts this month too!

Twitter: 455. Down from last month but that’s to be expected when I hardly use the platform..

What did you love throughout August?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter ♡

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