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REVIEW | Green People – An Organic & Cruelty-Free Brand

A selection of Green People goodies were, very kindly, sent to me!

Green People is a cruelty-free and organic brand. I will always support cruelty-free brands – there really is no need to test on animals. A lot more brands should definitely take a leaf out of Green People’s book!

I was very kindly gifted a handful of products to try out and one of the items I was most excited about was the Facial Sun Cream (SPF 30)*. As you’re all well aware by now, I visited Bali back in mid-May and I needed a facial sun cream with SPF 30 in anyway, so this was gifted to me at the perfect time! This acted as the perfect barrier applied daily – my face did not burn! I applied this at least once a day and it felt really lovely on the skin. I absolutely hate applying sun cream to my face as it always makes me feel super greasy and gross. Fortunately, this one didn’t have that same affect. It also didn’t clog up my pores and I ended up coming home with only a few tiny pimples on my face – whereas usually I come back with some sore under-the-skin spots, that are very angry! I will be repurchasing this when I eventually run out of it. The bottle is a generous 50ml size.

Following on from the Facial Sun Cream, I also took the Day Solution SPF 15 Moisturiser* to use as my moisturiser of choice whilst I was in Bali. I didn’t actually apply it during the day, as I was obviously using the facial sun cream for that, however I did apply this on an evening after my shower and it worked lovely. My skin can be quite fussy, but it enjoyed this moisturiser! Again, it didn’t feel horrible or greasy on the skin – the consistency is fairly thick, but it didn’t clog up my pores and I didn’t feel as if my skin couldn’t breathe either. Overall, this is a really lovely day moisturiser and one that I would recommend.

I always love receiving shower gel’s, as you can never have too many! The Daily Aloe Shower Gel* is one I am intrigued by – I don’t actually like the smell of lavender at all, but I still gave this a go as lavender is good for you! The smell of lavender was fairly strong when first applied, however it didn’t linger on my skin for too long afterwards. Some may not like this, but I did due to the fact that Lavender isn’t a favourite scent of mine. I found this shower gel really moisturising and it left my skin feeling super soft and hydrated. The shower gel is such a generous 200ml size – I can see this lasting me a fair while. The packaging is so cute and simple, I adore it. Softer coloured packaging is definitely preferable, it’s much easier to photograph and looks a lot nicer in the final pictures – is that shallow of me? I love Aloe Vera as well, it’s such a fab ingredient for your skin. I do tend to gravitate towards skincare with Aloe Vera in.

Seeing a makeup item within the package I received got me so excited. I absolutely love lipstick’s (even though I hardly where them – makes sense right?!) and the Special Edition Velvet Matte Lipstick in Damask Rose* looks absolutely beautiful! It’s a soft pale rose shade with a hint of peach – one of the most perfect nude shades IMO. When swatched on my hand, it felt buttery soft and smooth to apply. It looks as if this lipstick will be super moisturising too which makes me super happy!

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*Contains PR Gift