TRAVEL | 2 Days in Disneyland, Paris

Disneyland, the place where dreams come true…

Someone definitely could have pinched me as soon as Disneyland Paris was decided and all paid for. You honestly should have seen my face – I was SO excited and thought I could cry. I’ve been wanting to go back to Disneyworld Florida for about 13 years now, but that takes a lot of planning and saving.. Kieran’s sister and her fiancé were heading to France camping and ushered Disneyland. Well, as you can imagine, myself and Kieran pretty much invited ourselves didn’t we!!

As there were no suitable flights left, we decided to take on the 7/8 hour drive instead. It was a proper road trip! Although I slept for the majority of the drive (as Kieran is always delighted to mention to everyone who asks about the trip..). We also took the ferry, as it is much cheaper than the euro tunnel when you’re towing a trailer tent.

Saturday 30th June saw us set off for our trip, for a couple of days living the absolute dream in Disneyland! Both days were set to be 35 degrees too – roll on the heat! I’ve never been to Paris before when the weather has actually been nice, so I was very excited about that! Although walking around in it did get very sweaty very quickly..



On our first day (Sunday 1st July) we spent all day in Disneyland. We arrived around 11am and went on as many rides as physically possible. We also ate a yummy meal in one of the restaurants and then hung around to watch the evening firework display – which was absolutely magical!

On the second day, it was only myself and Kieran that headed back to Disney for more magical fun. Obviously we went on all of the good rides that we had sussed out the day before (Space Mountain, Tower of Terror, Big Thunder Mountain, etc.), before heading along to the stunt show at the Walt Disney Studio park – which was awesome!

Packing the tent along with everything else was on the agenda for our last day (or eating croissants in my case..). Before travelling back to the UK. The drive wasn’t that bad to be honest and it was definitely better/easier than flying.

Our Disney trip was only a fleeting visit, but I have now had my Disney fix! That’ll keep me going for a year so now..

I have three vlogs going live on my YouTube channel and the first one is now ready to watch!

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