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Have you ever seen such beautiful packaging with the sweetest smelling scents?

Bilou very kindly sent over a few bits for me to try! I have honestly wanted to try some products for the longest time. I received the 2 in 1 Bodyspray, Creamy Shower Foam and Gentle Cream Foam. They all smell good enough to eat and that packaging? Possibly my favourite packaging ever! So cute!

The Coco Cocktail Creamy Shower Foam* was the first goodie I tried. Man this smells SO good! Very tropical with creamy coconut and vanilla, along with sweet almond oil. This foams up, as the name suggests, and is super fun to use. I adore the texture – it’s so thick and creamy and feels totally luxurious on the skin. You apply it like you would a normal shower gel and it feels amazing. After showering, my skin feels so soft and thoroughly moisturised. The Creamy Shower Foam is an absolute winner for me and will be a constant repurchase. 

Next up, the Cotton Candy Gentle Cream Foam*. The cotton candy scent really intrigued me and I am obsessed with sweet scents, so I knew I’d love this one. I can confirm that this smells exactly like candy floss, it’s amazing! I genuinely cannot get enough of this super sweet scent. Again, I adore the foamy texture and this Cream Foam melts into the skin SO fast. One thing I cannot stand is a body cream that takes forever and a day to sink into your skin, then once it does is super sticky. Bilou’s offering is the total opposite and I highly recommend it to everyone. I would go as far as saying that this is my favourite body moisturiser I’ve ever tried!

Bold statement, I know! The consistency of this Cream Foam is very similar to the Shower Foam, which I obviously love. You can literally see this one disappear in front of your eyes within seconds! It dries completely (back to how your skin usually feels) within 5-10 minutes.

A lot of other inexpensive moisturisers usually have a fairly strong scent, but once it’s applied to the skin that scent is gone within minutes.. With this one from Bilou, I applied it at 3.30pm and could still smell the gorgeous candy floss scent at 8pm! That’s over 4 hours which is seriously impressive. A great moisturiser for the best price!

Finally, the Fizzy Berry 2 in 1 Bodyspray*. Now this smells incredible. Very berry and very sweet – absolutely perfect for me! I love how evenly this one sprays as well. There’s nothing worse than a body spray drenching you in dots of liquid because the nozzle has decided to pack itself in! The scent lingers for a couple of hours, but definitely needs topping up throughout the day. However, this is a body spray and not a perfume so that’s to be expected. The scent is really lovely and quite subtle. The bottle is massive too, so you get a lot of product for your money. All of the bits I’ve mentioned are amazing value for money! Also, how cute is the fizzy pink drink illustration on the bottle?!

After finally trying out Bilou, I am officially obsessed. I will continue to repurchase from this brand and urge you all to as well! I can promise you now that you will not be disappointed. The three scents I’ve hd the pleasure of trying are to die for. The Tasty Donut and Pink Melon Shower Foam’s sound delicious too and I cannot wait to try them out! Thank you so much to Bilou for sending these delightful goodies over to me!

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