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TIPS | Staying On Top Of Blogging with Blogging Mode

I have definitely been slacking with staying on top of blogging recently, so I thought I would share some tips!

Hopefully these tips will help some of you out there, who are like me and struggle to stay on top of it all sometimes. They’ll also come in handy for me in the future!

First things first, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your blog not being your number one priority (no matter how much you want it to be). A lot of us have full time jobs and blog on the side as a hobby! I am one of those people and I do honestly wish I could give up my full time job, but that’s just not reality unfortunately.

So, if you’re currently juggling five thousand things and still trying to give your all to your blog, but are falling a little at the wayside, then hopefully my following tips will help!

  1. Take photos first – I find it so much easier to grab little pockets of time to write, than to take photos. I feel like you usually need way more time with the photography. Therefore, I always like to bulk take photos as soon as I either get a blog post idea or receive some goodies from very generous brands. That way I know I have the photos, so I don’t have to stress about that.
  2. Ensure you’re comfortable – I always find it so much easier to sit down and blog when I have everything around me that I need. That includes food & drink, comfy cushions & clothes, a quiet space to really get deep in thought and I usually tend to tie my hair back – a bit of a weird one I know, but I find it easier to concentrate when my hair isn’t getting all in my face! I received the cutest set of coasters from Blogging Mode* and I have these on my bed side table – they’re so cute and are a really lovely design, they’re also not plastic too which I love.
  3. Make a plan/list – I always have a little blog to-do list going and it’s really satisfying being able to tick things off as you go. For Blogmas last year, I had a spreadsheet going with a list of all of the posts that I wanted to write. There were two columns labelled ‘photos’ and ‘writing’. I would fill in/tick the relevant columns, so I knew whether I had to write the post or take the photos! It was honestly super helpful and meant that Blogmas went to plan! Obviously this doesn’t just apply to that and would be really useful for day to day blogging.
  4. Stick to a schedule – I find sticking to a blogging/uploading schedule really helpful. Especially as it’s not what I do full time (even though it feels like it sometimes!). I tend to upload a blog post every three days. Then I have as many posts drafted as I can, to ensure I have a consistent running schedule.
  5. Write about what you love – This is so obvious, I know, but sometimes I think some of us forget why we actually started blogging in the first place. To write about what we love! I know I forget this sometimes and feel like I have to accept a lot of the opportunities that come my way because I’d feel stupid not to, but then I remember that I didn’t start my blog for the free stuff anyway – I started because I needed to do something with my photography and I was desperate to improve my writing skills. Sometimes we just need to bring ourselves back down to earth and talk about what WE want to talk about. Blogging brings around such amazing opportunities that I’m sure we’re all forever grateful for, but sometimes it can all get a little overwhelming. So we just need to take a bit of a step back and get our groove back.
  6. Plan your week – this ties a little into having a schedule and making lists. I know a lot of non-bloggers believe there is nothing to blogging (insert rolling eye emoji here..), but there really is! Besides actually creating the content for your blog post, there is also Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. These are normally the social media apps I tend to promote my posts on anyway. Uploading regularly to Instagram is fairly important. As is replying to the lovely comments on your photos and engaging with others. Twitter is a fab app for really engaging with a lot of other fellow bloggers and is somewhere that feels like a real community. Anyway, you get my drift! Therefore, planning your week could look a little something like this;
  • Monday: Having a little 10 minute scroll through Instagram. Including engaging with any content you love and also replying to the comments on your own photo(s).
  • Tuesday: Having a little 10 minute scroll through Twitter. Including engaging with any tweets you love and potentially participating in Twitter chats.
  • Wednesday: Catching up with the comments on all of your recent blog posts, ensuring you’re replying to them all.
  • Thursday: Catching up with your favourite bloggers and leaving comments on their posts, if necessary.
  • Friday: Having a little 10 minute scroll through Pinterest. Pinning pins you love, whilst also pinning your latest blog posts.
  • Saturday: Share your own content to your Facebook page – if you have one. I also do this with any blog posts I absolutely love (if I remember..), as and when I read them.
  • Sunday: A repeat of Thursday. Especially if you have a lot of bloggers that you keep up to date with/are a part of any comment pods.

This is just a rough plan, but is something that could help you to stay on top of all things blogging. Posting to Instagram hasn’t been included, as I know some people post every day and others post as and when they can etc.

There are a few of my tips for staying on top of blogging! I hope they have been helpful and please do let me know if you decide to follow any of these. I know I’m going to be practicing what I preach from now on!

Have you got any more tips for staying on top of blogging?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter ♡

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