TRAVEL | A Long Weekend in Center Parcs

Oh Center Parcs, the holiday place that everyone loves!

Center Parcs is a place I’m sure every single person has heard of, it’s massively popular in it’s own right! As soon as our family trip was organised, I was counting down the days until September 21st.

I don’t what it is about Center Parcs that everybody loves – maybe the rapids? The Pancake House? All of the endless activities? – but it’s always a good laugh.

We arrived on a Friday morning, ready to get started with our holiday! It was absolutely freezing, but that didn’t stop us from being in the rapids all day every day! Our first stop was of course the Pancake House. I opted for my usual (chicken, sausage, pepperoni, cheese, crushed nachos, salsa and sour cream, in case you were wondering..) and it was delicious. You can’t go to CP and not visit the Pancake House at least once!

After we were fueled up with our pancakes, it was time to check in to our lodges. I do have a ‘lodge tour’ below that you can watch! We opted for the 2-bed Executive Lodge, so each ‘couple’ could have their own en-suite bathroom. Our little lodge really felt like home for the weekend and we loved it. Before heading to the Plaza to go swimming, we unpacked all of our belongings and popped on our swimming gear!

By the time we arrived back to the lodge, it was time to start prepping and cooking dinner. It was Fajita Friday! We usually try and make things cheaper by only eating out one or two night’s.

Saturday morning was spent cooking up breakfast for everyone and deciding what activity to do. We opted for Adventure Golf and had so much fun, even though it was raining a lot.. I have some funny footage of that in my first vlog below! I didn’t do too badly, but I still need to up my Adventure Golf game!

We headed back to the lodge’s for some lunch and then spent the rest of the afternoon swimming and going down the rapids – of course.

In the evening it was time to get ready to go to Huck’s in the main Plaza for some dinner. I had the veggie burger that was made up of beans and sweet potato – it was super delicious! Myself and Kieran then shared an apple and cinnamon waffle for dessert. One of the main things about Center Parcs, apart from the rapids of course, is the great food. You’re guaranteed to eat well every time you visit and there’s so much selection!


Sunday was our last ‘full’ day and saw us playing badminton, which was a lot of fun and I definitely should have taken my camera! It’s safe to say most of us got rather competitive.. We then spent another afternoon at the swimming pool, enjoying the rapids and new slides!

Kieran and I had our own little date night at the Indian, down at the Sports Plaza and the food was incredible! I’m still dreaming about their yummy Indian food.. Beforehand, we headed down early and played a few games in the arcade, including Air Hockey. We had so much fun doing this and there’s loads of footage in my second vlog!



Monday morning saw us packing everything away, popping the bikes on the car and saying farewell to our lovely lodges that had accommodated us all weekend. We were desperate for another pancake before we left, so another trip to the Pancake House was a must! We didn’t leave until the afternoon, so we also went swimming again for one last time. It’s safe to say I was covered in bruises by the time we left!

As always, we had the best weekend ever in Center Parcs and are looking forward to heading back again next year! I hope you enjoy watching the vlogs too and I appreciate you taking the time to watch them.


When was the last time you took a trip to Center Parcs?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter ♡