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MONTHLY | October Loves

Um hello there November? How has my favourite time of the year come around SO quickly?!

October, November and December are all my month’s I love dearly. May is obviously a close second, due to it being my birthday month, but ultimately, Christmas is my jam. I can’t wait! So, let’s get on with what I loved throughout October..

Sharing The Love

Blog: I always nod along in agreement to the majority of Rebecca’s post and this one about loneliness was no different. You must give it a read cos I won’t be able to do it any justice! It’s an awesome read and I find myself and Rebecca have so many similarities, so I always find it enjoyable and comforting reading her blog posts.

Instagram: This one has to be Kelsey and her super cute tech free area! I need one of these in my future home and Kelsey has inspired me to have one when I eventually move out.

Twitter: Revolutionary. We all need to do this! Such a good idea and it means we’re not wasting empty jars either – win win.

My Most Loved

Blog: I’m very happy that my ‘Stay On Top Of Blogging’ tips post was my most loved for October! I really enjoy creating ‘tips’ or ‘advice’ posts, however I never do that many because I never feel as if I should be the one giving other’s advice. But you guys always seem to enjoy my ‘tips’ and ‘advice’ posts, so I might start doing more now!

Instagram: Do you know what? I’m extremely happy that this post received the most amount of love, as it was just a quick snap before I got in the bath one evening – nothing planned or too thought about and I need to start posting more images like that now!

Twitter: I didn’t exactly tweet much of interest last month, but all you need to do to get a conversation going is tweet about leopard print!

Monthly Favourites

Fave Beauty Product: I’ve rekindled my love affair with Benefit Hoola Bronzer, after popping it to the back of my drawer well over a year ago now. I know I should probably get rid of it after that statement, but what a waste?!

Fave Skincare Product: It’s hard to choose between all my Dermalogica goodies, but I would probably have to say that the Precleanse is currently the stand out product for me right now! More on it soon..

Fave Song: Lost Without You by Freya Ridings. Such a beautiful song! Although in complete contrast, I am loving (Fuck A) Silver Lining by Panic! At The Disco – they’re whole album is fab.

Fave Food: Jelly Beans! Aldi do a really cheap pack that contains some super yummy flavours.

Fave Restaurant: My best friend’s boyfriend makes the best food at a little pub near me. We had burgers and white chocolate rice pudding (legit the best thing I’ve ever eaten) and it was all delicious! It’s called The White Hart and features a lot of my photography – woo!

Fave Purchase: My new firework converse, as I call them. They’re beautiful and I love them!

Fave TV Show: Strangers! My word this series is SO good. The last episode was on Monday 29th.. Oh and Strictly Come Dancing! Love this time of the year when my all time fave show starts.

Fave Film: I honestly cannot think of a film that I’ve watched this month – that’s bad isn’t it?!

Fave Emoji: 😅 – Still totally obsessed with this one!

Fave Game: Bingo Pop will always be my fave! Although I haven’t played any games this month I don’t believe..

Fave Event: My auntie’s baby shower! We played a few games and had a lot of yummy afternoon tea style food. Everything was pink too, of course! My fave.

Fave Place: Morocco. We visited for the first time and although I can’t say that I’d race to go back, our hotel was lovely and the actual holiday was awesome. We met some amazing people from up North and they really made our holiday even better! I miss them!

New Discoveries

Instagram: Love love love the brown/sepia tones to Melissa’s Instagram! I do have a lot of new IG discoveries this month, so bear with!

Instagram: I adore A Blonde in Bristol’s photos. She has the perfect balance and mix of photos. I definitely need to get in front of the camera more, but I do love taking photos myself!

Instagram: Beautiful photos, so my style – what more to say about Kaylee’s beautiful feed?!

Instagram: Alicia posts simply beautiful photos and I wish I had the talent to do that – maybe one day?!

Instagram: I do love the occasional bright and colourful feed, so Bronte’s definitely caught my attention. Any feed containing travel I am all for as well!

Instagram: I live for fashion feeds, which is why I love Holly (the fashion blogger) so much. So finding another fashion feed to add to my collection makes me happy! Shomita shares some really gorgeous outfits that I would actually consider wearing myself – wearable fashion makes me even happier!

Instagram: Another feed I am loving for it’s simplicity is Cat and James‘. October was a great month for new IG finds I tell ya!

Instagram: Beautiful food photography makes me weak! Possibly my favourite style of photography?! I’m in love – if you only follow one account from this list, make it this one by Mei Yee!

Instagram: What more can I say apart from I L O V E! Oh and Autumnal – who doesn’t love a good Autumnal looking feed?? Linnéa Funk’s feed is stunning.

Looking Forward To

Booking: A small break in London (fingers crossed.. Got to persuade Kieran first..)

Celebrating: The birth of my new little cousin – I can’t wait to meet her!

Watching: The light switch on in my town. It will most probably be absolutely baltic, but it’s still a cute evening every year and always gets me well in the mood for Christmas.

Seeing: Fireworks! I used to hate fireworks as a kid, but I absolutely love them now!

Buying: The rest of my Christmas gifts for my family! I love gift giving at Christmas time and I love buying for other’s close to me.

Eating: At Aluna, Bristol. I’ve been invited down for review purposes on the blog and the menu looks delicious. So expect that post very soon..

Monthly Summary

Instagram: 3.2k. Still. I don’t post consistently enough, but I’m hoping that will change throughout November and December. The main thing is that I love the pictures that I’m posting! I try not to fixate on the numbers too much because it only ends up annoying me!

Blog Views: 500+. Way down from where I want to be, but I need to start putting more effort into my blog. Hopefully this will be able to happen considering my last day of work is next Friday and I don’t have another job lined up yet…

BlogLovin’ Count: 611. Only one up from last month because I seem to have had a few unfollowers, but I haven’t been posting all that often to be fair.

Blog Posts: Only 5. Told you I was slacking, again.. I can promise you that things will pick up mid-November and definitely during December though!

Twitter: 475. Still not remembering to use the app all that much.. It will be one of my New Year’s resolutions!

What did you love throughout October?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter ♡

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