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SKINCARE | Even More Dermalogica Goodies!

If you haven’t tried anything from Dermalogica yet, then what are you waiting for?!

You guys, I am having a thing right now with Dermalogica. I am a #skinfluencer so have been gifted all of my Dermalogica goodies. However, that does not waver my judgement in the slightest.

A couple of months back now, I received an extremely generous package full of skincare goodies suited to my skin type – dry/sensitive. I have now had a fair amount of time to test all of these products out and share this review with you all!

Precleanse* – £38.50

The precleanse does exactly as it says on the (bottle) tin – by completely melting your makeup off of your skin. This has a very water-y and oil-y consistency, that feels very nice to massage into your skin. It also smells very strong of orange, which I’m not a massive fan of as I am intolerant to most citrus fruits, including orange. Saying this, I would have thought that because of this it would affect my skin and make it all red and sensitive, but it really hasn’t. So I am pleased about that because I do highly rate this product!

After using this, my skin did feel thoroughly clean. I decided to grab a cotton pad with some micellar water on, to test out whether or not this had actually removed all of my makeup, and I’m very excited and pleased to say that the cotton pad came out completely clean! I must admit that I was expecting maybe a small amount of makeup to still be left on my skin, so that is very impressive indeed.

I would say that my skin did feel a little tight and dry, but nowhere near as much as it does when I use the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Gel.

Special Cleansing Gel* – £49.50

Now this cleansing gel contains lavender, which I hate! Buuut, I do know how great lavender is for your skin so I just suck it up and get on with it! However, I was pleasantly surprised by the smell because I think it’s lovely and I never say that about lavender scented products. I decided to use this gel with my Magnitone Cleansing Brush and the two together really do make a great pairing.

It really did feel like this was thoroughly cleansing my skin and my skin felt super soft and smooth immediately after using this. I also looked in the mirror and my skin honestly looked fresher and cleaner. If that’s even possible after the first use?! Seriously impressed with this one too.

Daily Resurfacer* – £68.00

I originally loved the idea of these and can safely say they have not disappointed! They’re little exfoliating finger pockets, that you pop your finger into (obviously) and move around your face in circular motions. They’re a daily leave-on exfoliator that’s super gentle, but over time will help even out your skin tone, brighten your skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

The finger pockets, as I like to call them, are easy to use but they can slip off your finger if you have small fingers like me! As I briefly mentioned above, the exfoliator on the finger pockets is quite gentle which is perfect for me as I do have fairly sensitive skin.

These do have quite a strong smell to them, that isn’t bad but also isn’t the best. I don’t mind this though because I’m not fussed on non-fragranced skincare products. My skin did feel a little tacky whilst it was drying, but as soon as the product sinked in, I was left with super hydrated skin! I woke up the next day to super soft skin with no bump-like textured areas on my face.

Ultra Calming Mist* – £31.00

You guys know how much I love a good face mist! So I was thrilled to open the package and see this inside. This Dermalogica offering is really lovely and hydrating and instantly soaks in, providing you with the most fresh feeling skin. Again, this is another product that has no fragrance to it, so can smell a little odd, but I’m really not bothered by this at all. As long as the product does it’s job, then I’m not all that fussed on the fragrance!

As far as packaging goes, this is one hefty bottle of face mist! I can see this lasting me the longest time. Which is never a bad thing. The spray nozzle is great and evenly distributes the liquid contents of the bottle over my face. There’s nothing worse than a dodgy spray nozzle that squirts out chunks of liquid in a sparse manor!

Skin Smoothing Cream* – £37.00

So I have the original one, which is the one without the Active HydroMesh Technology in. I can’t seem to find it on the Dermalogica website, but I’m sure this one is just as good if not better!

I absolutely a d o r e this moisturiser, it has been the only moisturiser I have used for the past couple of weeks. I’m obsessed! It has the most soft and creamy consistency, that makes it feel like you’re applying the best kind of better to your face everrr! This smells very lovely and ‘clean’ and is also very easily absorbed into the skin, making it instantly hydrating. I swear my skin felt fully hydrated for at least 24 hours after applying this! The next day I had skin as soft as a baby’s and I cannot recommend this one enough. 

Solar Defence Booster SPF50* – £44.00

Now I obviously can’t really test the SPF properties of this product, as we’re out of the height of Summer now. That being said, I am looking forward to testing this properly when Spring/Summer roll around again next year. Also, I do know that UV rays are apparent all day every day, but you don’t tend to be out as much in the Autumn/Winter as you do Spring/Summer.

I tend to mix this in with the Skin Smoothing Cream in the morning’s and the two mix together really well. You can also mix the Solar Defence Booster in with your foundation, which I’m definitely going to do the next time I go out with makeup on! The SPF50, I can imagine, will protect your skin from UV all day and it’s great that it’s such a high factor too.

This booster does smell really lovely and fresh and also makes your skin feel really soft too! Which I really wasn’t expecting.

That is my hefty review done! I did try and keep all rambling to a minimum, to ensure all key points were covered without an overload of information. If you haven’t tried Dermalogica skincare, then definitely give a couple of their products a go – I am sure you will not be disappointed.

I am extremely grateful to Dermalogica for everything they gift me – you guys are the best!

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*Contains PR Gift. I am a part of the #skinfluencer programme. All views and opinions have not been influenced and are totally my own.