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GUIDES | Top Tips for a Stress Free Christmas

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If you find Christmas a little stressful and overwhelming, then hopefully the following stress free tips will help!

I wanted to put together this post, as I have actually found Christmas a tiny bit stressful this year – due to opting for voluntary redundancy. Which means I’m currently jobless! Therefore, purchasing Christmas presents this year has really set me back money-wise. However, I can’t not gift to my loved ones because I absolutely love it. So, I now know what it feels like to feel overwhelmed and stressed at Christmas time, which is something I’ve never experienced before.

Hopefully at least one of my following tips will help someone this Christmas!

Be Organised

Lists, lists, lists! If you’re not a list writer – become one! It makes your life so much easier just by having everything written down in one place. It also helps to visually see what you have going on/coming up, as sometimes we make out as if we’ve got far more to do in our head’s. So writing everything down just shows us that everything we need to do is, usually, manageable. List’s also mean an excuse to buy more stationery, thinks places like Anthropologie, Paperchase and Papier, to name a few.

Shop Early and Smart

I completed all of my Christmas shopping by mid-November. I needed to get it done so I could see how much money I had left for other priorities in my life. So if you’re someone like me who needs to have everything completed as soon as possible, I totally understand you! However, I possibly could have just set a couple hundred pounds aside for Christmas presents and shopped a little smarter. As in, I definitely should have used Black Friday to my advantage. I could have shopped around for discounts and offer’s too, as I probably could have saved myself a lot of money if I had done any of this. So that’s a tip for myself next year! I find gift guides to be beyond helpful too, so use us blogger’s to your advantage if thinking of gift ideas becomes stressful for you!

Unexpected Issues

This is exactly what happened to me, I unexpectedly ‘lost’ my job and had the worry of how I was going to pay for everything. Even if you do strike well and land a job a few days after, you might be waiting until the end of said month to be paid. Luckily, I set myself some money aside and knew I had enough for all of the necessary things that I needed to pay for.

You may also incur unexpected costs with your car or home, as this always seems to be the way come December! Most of us are lucky enough to have savings for this kind of problem, however, this may not be the same or realistic for some. That’s where somewhere like Cash Lady would come in, as you can take out a same day loan and ensure you have the money that you need.

Perform Self-Care

It’s so important to not forget about ourselves during the festive period. I find everyone is SO giving around this time of the year, which is obviously the best thing ever. However, you can’t forget about yourself! So sitting down with a hot cuppa in front of a good film (doesn’t have to be a Christmas one if that’s not your jam) at least a couple times throughout the month of December is essential. Alternatively, spending a couple of hours getting stuck into a good book is just as peaceful. Fill that bath with all the bubbles, light allll of the candles, eat whatever you want and just simply relax. You’ll feel much better for it and far less stressed, for sure!

What’s one tip you would share for a stress free Christmas?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter 
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