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MONTHLY | December Loves

Wow, well December just flew past didn’t it?!

My favourite time of the year is now over and it’s time to start again! I am very sad that December is now behind us, but I’m looking forward to hopefully making some more lasting memories again in 2019. Some big changes will be happening for me, which is scary but also super exciting at the same time.

So, here is everything I’ve loved throughout the beautiful month of December!

Sharing The Love

Blog: Everyone loves a good gift guide throughout December and SO many caught my eye this month. I have a lot saved in my ‘Guides’ collection on BlogLovin’.. But I have to say that Gemma smashes the gift guide’s, year on year. My fave one is probably the Under £15 Guide that she did this year, everyone loves a bargain gift!

Instagram: Every month it is so hard to choose a favourite Instagram photo, as I always have so many. You’re all amazing content creators and I love this community so much! However, I do have to choose one, so I’ve gone with this amazing bird’s eye view photo of Prague, by the wonderfully talented Jasmin. You guys know how much I love Jasmin’s photography already and this Christmas-y photo really is one of my faves from the whole month!

Twitter: Absolutely love this! Two of my favourite show’s theme tune’s mixed together – what could be better than that?!

My Most Loved

Blog: My Stocking Fillers Gift Guide was the most popular this month – yay! I always spend SO much time putting my gift guides together, so for one of them to be my most loved post is awesome.

Instagram: You guys really seem to love my fashion photo’s on Instagram and that makes me so happy! I really don’t feel confident in front of the camera, so you guy’s definitely boost my confidence with that and your lovely comments! This photo came out top for the month with over 130 likes – which is a lot for me!

Twitter: I didn’t tweet anything remotely interesting – just a few promotional post’s.

Monthly Favourites

Fave Beauty Product: I haven’t worn much makeup this month, so I don’t have anything new to share! I’ve been using the same every day products on rotation.

Fave Skincare Product: I’m still loving the Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream.

Fave Song: I have fallen back in love with the Ellie Goulding song, Still Falling For You.

Fave Food: German Smoked Cheddar Cheese. It’s not the slices, but I can’t find the block of cheese online! This month has just been filled with cheese!

Fave Restaurant: New Moon Tapas. This restaurant is great! I adore tapas and the food we ate here was SO good. I need to go back, with my camera next time, and do a review post!

Fave Purchase: I haven’t been spending any money throughout November and December, so there are no new purchases to shout about!

Fave TV Show: I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! was back and was such a fab year. I absolutely loved it.

Fave Film: The Christmas Chronicles. This is a new Christmas film for Netflix (I believe) and my mum, sister and I loved it!

Fave Emoji: ✨ – I’m enjoying the Christmas stars in every sentence!

Fave Game: Mario Kart was rediscovered in my household this month and me and Kieran have loved playing it.

Fave Event: Christmas Day – duh!!

Fave Place: Devon, again. We visited right at the beginning of December and had a super early Christmas dinner with my dad’s family and it was amazing!

Fave Book: You Were Gone by Tim Weaver. This was such a great read and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was my first time reading a different genre to romance and I’ll definitely keep it up.

New Discoveries

Instagram: Hayley’s account is so lovely and magical. Definitely a wonderful find for December!

Instagram: I loove Karina’s photo’s and I actually met the lovely lady herself at an event this year. She’s so genuine and down to earth – a great follow for sure!

Instagram: What isn’t there to love about Agnieszka’s feed?! It’s honestly perfection and looks so natural too!

Instagram: I have been loving the warm tones of Louise’s account throughout December. She definitely deserves way more followers too!

Instagram: I completely adore how Abby edits her photos – they all look so uniform and perfect next to one another. A fab find for December!

Instagram: Lydia’s account is perfection! I love all of her photo’s and I enjoy such a range of style’s, that I’m loving the way she edits her photo’s too – a little cooler, rather than warm!

Looking Forward To

Booking: Hopefully a small break somewhere towards the end of the month for early Spring!?

Celebrating: Another New Year. It’s time to start afresh – especially for me with getting a completely new job and potentially moving out in February!

Watching: The new series of Dancing On Ice. Another firm fave of mine!

Seeing: The 1975 in concert – finally! I am SO excited to see them!

Buying: Anything! Hopefully I can find myself a job and actually buy something for the first time in like two months!

Eating: A little more healthily.. Christmas/December is never good for the sweet treats, carbs and cheese..

Monthly Summary

Instagram: Still forever stuck at 3.2k, but whatever! I don’t post consistently enough, nor have I been the most active on there this year. As long as I’m loving the photos I’m taking and posting, then that’s all that matters to me from now on!

Blog Views: 700+. Down a couple hundred from last month, but considering I didn’t post loads I think 700 is quite good! I still need to be hitting 1k a month really, but then that’s my own fault for not posting much and not promoting the post’s I have posted!

BlogLovin’ Count: 615. Apparently people still unfollow blogs these days and mine took quite the hit in a couple of days! So down a few from last month, but I will reach that magic 1k one day! It might take a couple of year’s, but I’ll get there..

Blog Posts: 7. So not loads, but not a pathetic amount either. I sort of took an unexpected social media break towards the end of December, but I need to get my A game back and ASAP.

Twitter: 474. Pretty much stayed the same the whole month, but we all know how bad I am at keeping up with Twitter. Shall I make it a New Year’s resolution to use the platform more?!

What did you love throughout December?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter ♡

*All images shared in ‘Sharing the Love’ and ‘New Discoveries’ are not my own and belong to the lovely girls linked. I do not own the rights to these images and they have been shared on my blog to only benefit the content creators.*