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A January Recap

And there went January..

Wow, ok, I thought 2018 was the year that whizzed by, but apparently 2019 fancies following suit!?

The first month of 2019 is over, so let’s see what January brought to the table..

Sharing The Love

I’ve decided that instead of sharing just one blog, Instagram and Twitter favourite, that I’m going to start sharing a few more. It’s always really hard to whittle it down to just one favourite and at least this way you’ll start seeing even more incredible content!

Blog: So here are my favourite blog post’s of this month!

  • Gemma, Are Instagram Influencer’s Fake? – I love how opinionated Gemma is, it always makes her content so interesting and literally 99% of the time I am in complete agreement with her. I’m sure the majority of you have already read this post, but if you haven’t, then you need to. It’s honestly one of the best post’s I’ve ever read and Gemma makes some of the most valid points that I believe everyone needs to hear/read.
  • Lucy, A Meal at The Beagle, Ipswich – You guys know how much I appreciate a good food post and this one that Lucy published made me SO hungry. All of the food looks so good and the photos are amazing! I now want to go to Ipswich, just to eat at The Beagle..
  • Lucy, Exploring Soho – UK travel post’s always make me want to explore my home country more and I’m now desperate to visit Soho because of Lucy. Everything she got up to sounded so fun and how cute do those bakeries look?!
  • Lydia, What I’ve Learnt Since Buying Our Dream Home – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being a part of Lydia’s journey and move in to her and Ali’s dream home. She’s also been very open and honest about the whole process, especially in her vlogs, and this blog post touches on a lot of lessons that she’s learnt. Lydia has kindly shared those lessons with us, which I think is super helpful for all of us!

Instagram: I’ve also decided to share my favourite account’s as a whole, as it’s always too hard to choose just one favourite perfectly curated image!

  • Angela, The Sunday Chapter – doesn’t Angela just make you want to live in Australia?! I’m obsessed with every single photo she post’s.
  • Beth Sandland – the travel content Beth is producing right now is on another level! None of it is fake or set up at all, it’s all just perfect and natural and completely in the moment.
  • Megan Colly – I’m always obsessed with how fresh and natural Meg’s feed is, she captures the most beautiful photographs.
  • Gemma Louise – To be honest, Gemma’s account will probably end up being featured every month! She creates consistently stunning photograph’s and Gemma’s Instagram is one of my all time faves.

Twitter: Absolutely loved and completely agreed with this tweet by my friend Lucy. There’s nothing more annoying that people, I tell ya! Also, photography is a ‘proper’ job and is also a very skilled and talented job role.

My Most Loved

Blog: I’m actually really happy that one of my ‘What I Got For Christmas’ post’s was my most popular and it was my beauty one. It just goes to show that actually, we’re all as nosey as one another and a lot of people do enjoy reading these type’s of posts!

Instagram: I posted the photo that went along with my ‘Reflecting on my 2018 Goals’ post and it’s turned out to be my most liked post throughout January! I always find it funny how your favourite photos don’t normally do as well as your other photos – just like this one! It wasn’t one of my favourites, yet performed the best.

Twitter: I feel like angry/moan-y tweets tend to receive the most love/engagement – us Brits love a good moan don’t we.. Clearly we love a moan about annoying eBay customers too because my tweet about them received the most engagement of the month!

Monthly Favourites

A couple of new sections have been added and a couple have also been taken out. In a bid to read more, I’ve decided to add my favourite book for each month. Hopefully that should kick my butt into gear, right..?

Fave Beauty and/or Skincare Product: Carmex Lip Balm. I feel like this needs a full review, but for now I’m just going to say that this is actual magic for your lips. As soon as the weather dips below 10 degrees, my lips become so incredibly dry, cracked and sore (lovely). However, I only need to apply this lip balm a few times during the day and they are completely sorted out – it’s honestly like magic!

Fave Song: Shallow by Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper. I haven’t actually seen the film yet (!!!), but I know it’s going to be one I love and this song is amazing.

Fave Food: I’m going to have to say flavoured popcorn here, as all I’ve been doing all month is trying Popcorn Shed’s amazing range of flavoured popcorn! You can read my full post here.

Fave Restaurant: Pizza Express. I’ve eaten here twice this month and what can I say, I just love pizza!?

Fave Purchase: Definitely my new TV Cabinet for our lounge (moving in chat will begin in Feb!). It’s absolutely gorgeous and I’m obsessed with it. Now we just have to build it and actually move in..

Fave TV Show: Making a Murderer 2 & How I Met Your Mother. We finally finished both of these TV shows on Netflix this month. I’m SO happy I finally know who their bloody mother is, but I’m kind of sad to see the back of this show – it’s such a great feel good series. As for Making a Murderer 2, it makes me so angry! But I can’t help but love it. It’s actually awful what American ‘police’ can get away with and I hope there’s just for everyone involved soon.

Fave Film: Avengers: Infinity War. Ok, so one small fact about me is that I really enjoy Marvel films. The new Avengers film was amazing and I think we watched it literally right at the very beginning of January!

Fave Event/Moment: Seeing The 1975 in concert. I have wanted to see them live for so long and they did not disappoint – amazing!

Fave Podcast: Madeleine McCann by Those Conspiracy Guys. I was catching up with Jodie’s YouTube channel (you need to subscribe to her channel, her videos are great!) and saw her mention Those Conspiracy Guys, so I checked them out and absolutely loved this first episode of their’s that I watched. This was also my first ever Podcast – I know!

Fave Book: How have I already failed this one on the first month of the year?! I need to start reading, ASAP.

Fave Item of Clothing: I have this burgundy Jack Wills Hoodie that I’ve been wearing this past week and I’ve been loving it. It’s super cosy and has been keeping me warm during this current cold spell we’re having!

Fave Blog Post Written: I thoroughly enjoyed putting together and writing my ‘Goodbye 2018‘ blog post. It was great to look back on the year and talk about all of the changes and everything that happened. The response to it from you guys was great too, so thank you!

New Discoveries

I’ve also decided to try and keep this one shorter, so rather than explaining in-depth exactly why I like x, y and z, I’m just gonna list them with a short explanation instead. Only because it’s pretty obvious why I decided to follow along with their journey – their content is incredible!

Blog: Terri Talks. I discovered Terri’s gorgeous Instagram first and now I’ve started following along her blogging journey and I love it. Her blog is great and I thoroughly enjoy the way Terri writes.

Instagram: Natalie’s feed is so fun and creative, I love it!

Instagram: Ciara’s feed is travel and fashion heavy, so of course I’m obsessed.

Instagram: Harriet’s feed is full of lifestyle shots, which I absolutely love.

Instagram: Hannah’s feed is full of great fashion and she also reminds me of Laura Whitmore a little! I love Laura Whitmore and think she’s stunning.

Instagram: Hannah’s feed (another one!) is brimming with fantastic art and illustrations, she’s SO talented!

Instagram: Ashley’s feed is so American and I love it! It makes me want to move to and live in L.A.

Instagram: Gaby’s feed is solely travel based and I just can’t express my love for her beautiful photos!

Looking Forward To

Booking: Flights to Menorca for June! My Mum and Dad both turn 50 in May, so it’s going to be a heavy time for celebrating. One thing they really want is for all of us to go to Spain, so we need to getting booking those flights – woo!

Planning: meals! I understand how odd this sounds, but Kieran and I will be able to plan and cook our own meals when we move out. I’m excited to try new dishes and plan what we’re eating weekly. Yes, I am aware that the novelty might wear off pretty quickly, so we’ll see..

Celebrating: Quite a few birthday’s throughout the month of February! It’s a month of celebration – especially considering that we will have hopefully fully moved out by Feb!

Watching: a few new programmes on Netflix. I’ve got a looong list to get through!

Seeing: all of our friend’s and family’s reaction to our new home. It’s so exciting and yes I will keep going on about it forever!!

Buying: New bits for the house! Moving in is so exciting for me, as I have been dying to buy homeware so the longest time now.

Eating: A yummy afternoon tea for my sister’s birthday. I’m not 100% sure where yet, but I’m sure I’ll pop it on my Instagram story!

Monthly Summary

Instagram: 3.2k. I have been ever so slowly gaining recently, but I decided to have a little cleanse of my following and get rid of a load of inactive accounts. I find they bring your engagement rate down and I’m determined to have an authentic following, even if that means it’s only a small one.

Blog Views: 800+. Didn’t quite make the magic 1,000 this month, but there’s always next month!

BlogLovin’ Count: 627. Hello to all of my new followers, I hope you’re enjoying yourself so far and don’t unfollow me!!

Blog Posts: 9. A fairly decent amount but I could definitely post more and I have lots of ideas and things to write about!

Twitter: 480. I’ve gained a few more this month, so it just goes to show that I can actually grow if I use the platform!

What did you love throughout January?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter ♡

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