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Goodbye, 2018…

Happy New Year everyone!

I know that it’s now mid-January, but I really loved seeing everyone’s ‘Year in Review’ style post’s, so wanted to create my own! I also want to highlight everything, good and bad, that happened throughout 2018 and just have a look back at the year.

It’s always nice to remind ourselves of what we’ve been through, as sometimes it’s easy to forget. So, let’s have a look at my 2018 and everything that happened..

The Highlights

01. All of the snow! Nothing makes me happier than snow – I think it’s because we don’t get it here much in the UK and if we do, we hardly get any down South! So even though the rest of the country was moaning about it, I was absolutely loving it. It was such a highlight for me because I had so much fun with my family, feeling like a kid again playing in the show.

02. May. The month of May was huge for me. I turned 23 and celebrated my birthday for a few day’s with friend’s and family. I also stepped massively out of my comfort zone and finally visited Bali! Those that know me, know how incredibly difficult it can be for me to even go on holiday. I’m excited, but the other half of me is absolutely bricking it with the flight and being somewhere new for the first time. I also don’t really do holiday’s with friend’s either, I feel much more comfortable going with my family/Kieran. So even that was another big step in itself! I really did love Bali, but I also felt extremely homesick – so it was definitely a highlight, but it also wasn’t as ‘amazing’ as it looked..

03. THAT heatwave. My goodness, didn’t we all bake?! The UK experienced a 2 month heatwave during the Summer and it was absolutely wonderful. Yes, we were all sweating our tits off, but it was glorious. I enjoyed so many day’s outside with friend’s and family. We had multiple BBQ’s, went swimming in my friend’s outdoor pool, had lots of picnic’s and just thoroughly enjoyed being outside. Us Brit’s always pine for that weather and we finally got it. Here’s hoping it will happen again this year..

04. Disneyland, Paris. I finally went back to one of the best places in the world – Disneyland! You have no idea how exciting this was for me and it was also one of the first time’s I’ve visited Paris and the weather has actually been nice.. We visited in June/July (very end of June, very beginning of July) and the heatwave followed us there! Walking 20,000+ steps in 30+ degree heat was exactly how it sounded! Now I just need to purchase that annual pass..

Other highlights include;

  • Festival of Light, Longleat (January)
  • Ed Sheeran at Wembley (June)
  • One of my best friend’s hen do (July)
  • One of my best friend’s wedding! (August)
  • My first ever festival – The Big Feastival (August)
  • The arrival of my new baby cousin (October)
  • Firework night (November)
  • Christmas and all of the festivities! (December)

The Blog Highlights

My blog brought me quite a lot in 2018 and I’m so grateful to all of the brand’s that choose CharsLittleBlog to work with, it really does mean everything to me. So a few highlights for me have been working with Henry London Watches, Matalan, CaseApp, Radley, Daniel Wellington, Freshly Cosmetics, Dermalogica, ADEXE watches, Pretty Little Thing & many more!

Other highlights include;

  • Sarah Jessica Parker Beauty
  • Debenhams – Mother’s Day Gifting
  • Palmer’s Skincare
  • The Cuban Restaurant Review
  • Heartfelt Vintage Afternoon Tea Review
  • The Foodies Festival
  • Hello Fresh
  • Noto Restaurant/Bar Review
  • Sholay Indian Kitchen Review
  • Bilou
  • Prestige Gifting (Hamper & Flowers)
  • Obaku Watches
  • Magnitone London
  • Aluna Restaurant Review
  • Pink Gin, Intro Travel, Frank Body & Lakeland IG Campaigns (Tribe)
  • Birmingham City Trip with
The Discoveries

– Chinese Chicken & Egg Fried Rice. You guys all know what I’m talking about and I’ve had this meal at least 10 times this year. For some reason, the recipe has disappeared online – so message me if you would like a photo of the recipe, as luckily I printed one out!

Dermalogica skincare!

– I’m more confident than I feel and growing in confidence has made me feel SO much better about myself

– The ever popular circle basket bag

New Moon Tapas. Will be going here for tapas from her on out

– That I don’t need a new item of clothing every 5 minutes and actually, not spending money all the time feels good

The Other Stuff

01. Two major things happened in my life towards the end of the year. One of them being the loss of my job, due to voluntary redundancy. This has been quite difficult for me because I’m a creature of comfort and had been in that job for six years. However, a change is good and applying for a new job will hopefully give me another surge of confidence!

02. The second thing being that I will be moving out. A property has come up for rent and we’ll finally be moving out of my family home. I can’t wait to start a new chapter in my life, but I am bricking it too. This is all a lot of change for me and it’s happening at the same time!

03. I have made two incredible friend’s this year through the social media community – Faye & Megan. These girl’s are both beautiful, inside and out and they bring me so much joy. I love chatting to them every day! We’re all so similar and just totally get one another and we are looking forward to catching up hopefully multiple times this year. I cannot wait to see them and give them both the biggest hug everrr. Social media isn’t always bad, especially when it brings you the best friendship’s.

The Numbers

4 – the amount of trips I took

1 – concert attended

20,002 – Instagram likes

6 – wedding’s photographed

2 – new countries visited; Bali and Morocco

43 – different restaurant’s eaten at

6 – theatre shows watched

117 – new blog followers gained

30+ – brands worked with

21photography shoots completed

4 – Instagram #ad’s; these have been so helpful with regards to my savings and are so important to support, so thank you!

10,101 – blog page views

5 – blogging events attended

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

To each and every one of you that continues to support me. You make me very happy and it’s good to know that I’m not always just talking to myself! I hope you choose to continue following my journey throughout 2019.

How was your 2018? What highlight’s have you got to share? I’d love to know!xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter ♡